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Angels Online

Meet the Gryphon.

There are some who have yet to hear of the Gryphon, which is revered by the Aurora Faction both as a guardian and as a symbol of speed and power in Angels Online ( http://ao.igg.com). Over the years, many have come to believe that the Gryphon is a steed belonging to the God of the Wind and Seas that guide the maritime trade and fishing industry in Aurora City.

The newer generation has always doubted stories of the Gryphon, dismissing it as mere legend or superstition, but none have ever doubted what the Gryphon is capable of doing. Long talon's and a razor edged beek made for good stories to scare children, but was it real? No one was sure...until now.

The Aurora Faction has seen troubled times, but during the pirate siege of Aurora City, it was with the help of their Patron Beast, the fabled Gryphon, that the pirates were finally routed and driven back to the sea. While the Pirates continue to terrorize the high seas, preying on shipping, including the fishing ships that are the lifeblood of Aurora City, the Gryphon has arrived to answer their desperate calls for help.

Though its rippling muscles and taut limbs make the Gryphon seem bulky, its powerful wings allow it to move with astonishing speed. Distinguishable by its white feathers and brown body, it takes the perfect grace of a bird of prey and adds the lethality of a jungle predator into one lethal package. This translates to a large jump in movement speed and a big boost to player attributes.

With the threat of the Evil Lyceum looming and an uncertain future ahead for the Aurora region, the Gryphon has answered the call to action. Revealing itself once more to the Angels of the land, it will only add to the legends that have always surrounded it, and prove that it's no fairy tale once and for all. 

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