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Angels Online

Info about rare pets. (Personally, we prefer them well done.)

Angels Online ( prides itself on its distinct pets. Pets can help players level up fast and defeat monsters in game. Players can obtain different pets through different ways of raising them. Today, the Angels Online team will give a detailed introduction to rare pets.

Why rare?

For ordinary pets, the same pet egg can be hatched into different ordinary pets with different attack skills. While rare pets can only be obtained by defeating powerful BOSS. For example, Brute’s Egg, Beast’s Egg, Nature’s Egg, Elf Egg and Dragon Egg are all rare pet eggs in Angels Online.

The Brute’s Egg possesses outstanding defensive abilities and basic attributes. It will possess new skills after players use a Medium Blood Certificate on it. The pets available from the Brute’s Egg are violent wolves, including Blood Wolf, Evil Werewolf and 4 other kinds. It is very helpful in battle.

Players have a very slim chance of getting a Beast’s Egg, which can only be obtained from BOSSes in Nightmare Cave. However, it is very popular in game because of its super basic attributes. After its level is raised, it can change its shape. Although it is not as frightening as the Brute’s Egg, it is still attractive with some cute pets available, such as the Kung Fu Bear.

In Eden, the Nature’s Egg is the best one because of the three rare pets it can hatch and its dazzling shape. If players can obtain a Crying Cactus or a Shouting Cactus, PVP battles will be much easier.

Elf Egg’s are available for players after the release of the new expansion, the Lost Atlantis. They are charming because of their cute, lovely shape. Be careful! An advanced Elf Pet possesses output damage as high as that of a Summoner.

In the eastern countries, dragons are considered equal to Gods. However, they are considered evil in western countries. In Angels Online, Dragon pets stand for the respect due veteran players’. It is not important whether a dragon pet possesses high attributes or not they are always highly sought after pets.

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