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Angels Online

A guide to the ancient Puqi Village.

In the southwest part of Cherry Village, there is an entrance to the Lost Atlantis, the new expansion for Angels Online ( Players will arrive at the ancient Puqi Village after they pass through the entrance. Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction about Puqi Village, which is a fort for both the Angels and the Devils.

Puqi Village is located to the northeast of the new city “Palm Base”. It’s surrounded by green trees and refreshing sea breeze blows gently. To the south players can go to Golden Beach and to the north, the endless Atlantis Ocean stretches out before them.

As the first station after players enter the new expansion, Puqi Village is fully equipped for their needs. Tropical thatched cottages can be found everywhere here. Players will be attracted by the amazing scenery if they are here for the first time. It is an ideal place for dates because of the endless stretch of perfect beach and the beautiful sunsets. What’s more, there is a Cafe near the sea. The hot waitress Teny is always ready to offer players excellent service. Players can enjoy the peace and invite their friends to hold a sunshine party here.

Players may meet an NPC called Flora here. She likes to collect various flower seeds from around Eden. It is the beginning of the quest, “Flora’s Wish” in Angels Online.

In the southernmost part of the coastline, the experienced diver, Veifu, always awaits Angels at the entrance to the deep sea. Only after learning skills from Veifu can players find out how to dive into the deep sea.

Although the business in the most famous bar here has gotten better and better, the boss is still depressed recently because crab meat is in high demand. If players can do him a favor, they may obtain abundant rewards from this generous businessman.

Due to its special geographic location, Puqi Village is busy all the time. A smart businessman, Mr. Howsufa has opened a craftwork shop here. It is said that he would like to recruit someone to help him collect fancy craftworks. Production players may obtain a surprise from him if they can help him out.

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