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Angels Online

A guide to five of the game's most scenic locations.

As any tour guide knows, there are some places you just have to see. The same is true in Angels Online. From the sweet sights of Candyland to the stunning view from the Rainbow Bridge, here are five spots no player should miss.

Sweet Scenery

The light fragrance of biscuits scents the breeze. The ground beneath your feet is made entirely of cookies. From a stairwell of custard bread you see bright-colored chocolate sweets, soft cotton candy and fruit-topped cakes. Sound like a Hansel and Gretel story? It’s actually a scene from the Candyland edition of Angels Online. Players can now journey to a map entirely constructed from sweet treats and pastries. Stroll through Candyland for a sweet new fairytale experience!

Rainbow Bridge

Looking down from high above, those who visit the Rainbow Bridge are treated to a sight to behold. The seven colors of the rainbow stand in stark contrast to the white, fluffy clouds nearby. If you ever wanted a bird’s-eye view of Eden, the Rainbow Bridge is a can’t-miss destination.

The Church

Be it a celebration with fireworks, popping champagne corks or flower petals, the Church is not simply a location for wedding events or social gatherings. As many angels will tell you, it’s also a perfect spot for romantic getaways.

Paradise Falls

A curtain of water splashing on sun-warmed rocks is a memorable sight. Perhaps that’s why the Waterfall is such a common gathering spot for groups. It’s a place where you can feel at one with nature. Serenity, beauty and the powerful flow of water make for a perfect combination. It’s no wonder many know it as Paradise Falls.

Puqi Village

For those looking for exotic locales, Puqi Village is high on any list. Featuring a distinctly Pacific flavor, visitors can roam among houses with roofs made of woven leaves. The pavilions by the side of the walkway provide a restful haven as you enjoy a good cup of coffee and the cool ocean breeze. When it’s time for a relaxing break from the worries of the world, Puqi Village does not disappoint.

Whether you’re a first-time tourist or a well-traveled veteran of Angels Online, you can’t go wrong with any of these scenic locations. Visit for more on the Candyland edition of Angels Online. Visit to learn about IGG’s growing family of games. 

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