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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

Puzzler now available in German.


October 31, 2008 - Independent studio Codeminion Codeminion releases fully localized German language version of their flagship puzzler - Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, acclaimed by the casual game reviewers as one of the best games in the match-3 genre.

The localization was conducted by Artifex Consultants and is fully featured with all the voiced parts being re-recorded from scratch for the purposes of the German release. "Good voice acting is crucial in Saqqarah for building the atmosphere and guiding the player through the game. We knew we have to re-record all the voices from scratch with German actors" - explains Konrad Olesiewicz, game producer and Codeminion co-owner.

Codeminion says they have review copies available for any German outlets that would be interested in writing about the game. "We would like to reach people who were previously unable to play Saqqarah because of the language barrier. We would definitely be interested in German casual-oriented websites that could present our games to a new audience".

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is a large and highly successful casual puzzle game, described by GameZebo as "benchmark against which to score all future competition". It features over 500 levels spread across 7 different puzzle mechanics, with production values rarely seen in the casual games market. An expansion 'SaqPack' doubling the amount of game's levels is already available on the developer's website at the price of $10.

Saqqarah is a second downloadable game by Codeminion translated to German. The first one was StoneLoops! - a dynamic marble popper released in localized versions on July 1, 2008. Both games are available from the Codeminion website on a try-before-you-buy basis, at the price of $19.95.


About Codeminion:

Codeminion S.C. is an independent game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Known for the successful Magic Match fantasy puzzle game, action-packed StoneLoops and the latest hit Ancient Quest of Saqqarah. Preferring quality over quantity, Codeminion focuses on creating clever and highly polished casual games.


Saqqarah's official website with more info, screenshots and downloads:

Codeminion official website:


Contact information:

Konrad Olesiewicz

Co-owner and Game Producer




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