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MAYHEM STUDIO the Spanish-based cell phone games developer company is proud to announce its late release: Ancient Olympic Games. One of the successful games in its catalogue.

In the Olympic year, you will play to beat all records. Contest in several Olympic Games with your character. Would beat to other runners in 110 metres hurdles? Would you be able to throw the hammer farther than others? Enjoy the different sports in an event that can only be lived every four years.

In ANCIENT OLYMPICI GAMES player can their favourite character to compete in different trials choosing "Tournament Mode" in which must try to compete in all categories or "Training Mode" where you can choose to play one of the contests. The game against other players (will appear in its second version and closer to the event) will organize games in which to compete against friends who will be connected via Bluetooth.

In both cases, each of the character possess characteristics that give them advantages in different tests and different items always fun-filled


Frenetic games full of action! Save your own records! High-quality graphics and design. A game much better to other same-style games in the bigger platforms ready to be played everywhere, every time!

To get more information and distribution inquiries, please write to:

Daniel Sánchez Mateos

tlf./fax: 034913119389

Bravo Murillo, 187

28020 Madrid


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