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An Army Of ATF Patches!

Long considered some of the best modern land warfare simulations available commercially, ProSIM's line of ultra-realistic titles have covered a broad spectrum of conflicts. Beginning with ATF: Armored Task Force, which put players in the boots of tankers in a variety of scenarios, gamers have experienced the next Korean conflict, the pivotal battles of the various Arab-Israeli wars, and the war at the bottom of the world, the Falkland conflict of '82.

Using real-world terrain maps, detailed equipment databases, extensive orders of battle, and an impressive AI, the ATF line has delivered the smell of cordite to desktops around the world for years. Full scenario creation support and the ability to play the titles online, along with ProSIM's commitment to always keeping the games alive through comprehensive updates, has kept the ATF line as fresh as the day it pushed off the phase line.

The next generation of ProSIM simulations, Air Assault Task Force, is slated for release in December 2006. Using a brand new engine, Air Assault Task Force features airmobile operations from the past forty years, and integrates with the older titles by upgrading them to all the latest bells and whistles found in Air Assault Task Force.

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