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America’s VideoGame Expo Event Listing


In addition to a great selection of vendors and exhibitors, you can expect to a ton of exhibits, displays, demonstrations, contests, events and other activities that the show. A full schedule of these will be posted prior to the convention. In the mean time, the following list provides a sample of some of what you'll be able to experience at the VGXPO:

Event: VGXPO's Lifetime Achievement Awards - Ralph Baer, the 'father' of videogames, will be awarded the VGXPO's first Lifetime Achievement Award. Be with us as we celebrate the legacy of Mr. Baer's achievements.

Interactive: VideoGame Museum - Take a step back in time and experience videogames form the 70's, 80's and 90's. Classics like Atari 2600, Colecovision and the Nintendo Entertainment System will be set up for you to play. In addition to the interactive games, be sure to check out the videogame timeline, which chronicles the 35-year history of the videogame industry.

Event: VideoGame Museum Donation Drive - The VideoGame Museum will be on site to accept donations of your old videogames, systems, manuals, boxes, and other gaming materials to help it build a premier collection of videogames for its touring museum. It also hopes to grow is funding base so that it can open a museum in the Philadelphia region.

Contest: The VGXPO Scavenger Hunt - Get a chance to win cool prizes in our scavenger hunt. Hunter's will have to make their way through the show floor to find clues and then solve the game puzzle.

Discussion: A Parents Guide: Buying VideoGames for Your Kids - If you buy videogames for children then this discussion is for you. Learn how to buy games for your kids and get the ins and outs of the ESRB game ratings system.

Discussion: VideoGame Education for Kids in 6th through 12th Grades: The VideoGame.Net Experience - Learn about this program that is aimed at teaching kids math, science and creative writing through the design of videogames. Representatives from Penn State and Rutgers University will be on hand to discuss.

Discussion: VideoGame Education: College Degrees for Games - If you want to work in the videogame industry then this panel is for you. There are growing numbers of colleges and universities offering videogame degrees, we'll talk about these programs and provide tips for college bound students.

Workshops: VideoGame and Comic Book Character Design Workshops - The VideoGame.Net Experience booth will hold four different workshops throughout the weekend. In the 'Game Characters Workshop' learn why videogame characters like Mario, Sonic, Jak and Crash are so endearing. In the 'Comic Book Workshop' discuss why some videogames make comic book characters come to life and why other falter. In the 'VGN Workshop' work with GameMasters to build your VideoGame.Net character profile. And, in the 'Character Design Class' sit down at a computer and see your own game character come to life in a 2D videogame.

Panel: The Future of Sci-Fi - This interactive panel will discuss the current state of Science Fiction on TV, in the movies. Topics will include the future of Star Trek, the impact of Battle Star Galactica, the role of the Sci-Fi Channel, and what to expect from the Star Wars animation series and TV shows.

Comic Books, Cards, Action Figures & VideoGame Collecting - People have been collecting baseball cards and comics for decades. In the 90's collectable card games and action figures became all of the rage. In this decade videogame collecting is becoming mainstream. In this panel get the inside scope on the state of collecting and get helpful tips on how to build your collection.

Discussion: VideoGame Journalism - If you ever wanted to break into gaming journalism this discussion is for you. Topics include: Blogging; Gaming Websites; Writing for print magazines; Working with PR reps; Navigating & making contacts at events like E3 and GDC.

Panel: The Game Makers Round Table - Videogame industry veterans will be on hand to talk about game making and how its evolved over time.

Panel: VideoGame Fan Films - Making movies based on your favorite videogame is becoming a big hobby. X-Strike Studios will talk about the film writing and directing process, the difference between parody and securing rights, and the overall production of fan films

Panel: The Next Generation: XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution - Our panel will discuss each system and make recommendations on which system (or systems) is right for you.

Discussion: Hot Games for 2005 - A look at what's coming out for the 2005 holiday season.

Interactive: The History of Atari - Get an insiders view on how the evolution of one of the greatest videogame companies of all time.

Autographs and Book Readings: Meet Bill Kunkel and Ralph Baer - Both of these legends will be at the show reading passages from their new videogame books and signing autographs.

Interactive: VGXPO Feedback - Stop by the feedback booth for your chance to win a Sony PSP. VGXPO reps will be on hand to ask you about your comic, game and card collections, buying habits and other questions about the VGXPO. These questions will help us refine and grow the VGXPO. In addition to the in-person surveys, after the show, you can go to an online survey for a second chance to help and win that PSP.

Event: Fan Choice Awards - Throughout the weekend, VGXPO staffers will be asking gamers about their all time favorite games and hardware. Categories include: Favorite all time Comic Book Character; Favorite all time VideoGame; Favorite RPG Game; Favorite all time VideoGame System; Best 2005 videogame; Best 2005 Movie; Most Wanted 2005/6 videogame system; and more.

Interactive: VGXPO Trivia Center - Think you know your game trivia? Stop by the trivia booth for your chance to earn your VGXPO Phd.

Discussion: VideoGames in Asia - This discussion will look at what's hot in the Asian videogame markets and provide a glimpse into some of the games that may eventually make their way over to the US.

Event: VideoGame.Net Experience Homecoming - We're inviting all of the students that have participated in the VGN Experience to our second annual reunion. Since 2002, over 1000 gamers have participated in VGN camps, after school programs and Saturday classes. For any other kids in 6th through 12th grades you can come too. Talk with our teachers, check out the programs and ask our alumni about their experiences.

Event: VGN 3.0 Launch - Stop by the VideoGame.Net booth and check out the all new VGN website. VGN staff will be on hand to walk gamers through the new VGN.

Show Feature: Free Play Arcade - Dozens of classic arcade games will be set up for you to check out and play.

Event: COSplay Contest - Are you a videogame or animation Costume Player? If some come dressed up in your best dress and enter our costume competition. While the COSPlay contest is on Saturday, we invite you to come out again on Sunday and show off.

Show Feature: LAN Party - Are you a PC LAN gamer? If so come out and show us what you've got. This party is Bring your own PC. Our official LAN Party Games are America's Army, Battlefield 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Unreal Tournament 2004. We'll have open tables set up (with power) throughout the weekend, you bring your tricked out PC, the software, cables and a monitor.

Show Feature: Nintendogs Party - The Dogs are in the house at VGXPO. Bring your DS and your Nintendogs game because its party time. One of the most popular games in 2005, Nintendogs fans can meet up and have a blast playing with one and other.

Show Feature: Role Playing Open Tables - Are you a RPG fan, Card Player or love miniatures? If so bring your best characters, cards, and heroes to play with other gamers in our open tables arenas. Official VGXPO games include:

Magic the Gathering



Star Wars

Duel Masters


Hero Clicks


Warhammer 40,000

Show Feature: Nintendo DS and Sony PSP Meet Ups - Do you have a portable gaming system? Is so don't forget to bring it, along with your favorite multi-player games so that you can get your game on. In addition to the Nintendogs Party, there are tons of other multi-player games and we want to give you a chance to play your games with other kindred spirits.

Events: VGXPO Tournaments - Are you a competitive gamer? VGXPO will be holding tournaments for Halo 2, DDR, Super Smash Brothers, and the VGXPO Retro Challenge. Be sure to check the VGXPO's schedule for tournaments times and rules.

NBC 10 Consumer Fest - When your not visiting the VGXPO's, be sure to check out the NBC 10 Consumer Fest. There will be tons of non-gaming vendors on hand showcasing everything imaginable. For more information on the Consumer Fest be sure to visit the NBC 10 website.

America's VideoGame Expo - Philadelphia will coincide with the NBC10 Consumer Expo on November 12 & 13 at the Fort Washington Expo Center. The Expo Center is located near the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Fort Washington, PA. Detailed information regarding the America's VideoGame Expo, including planed events, driving directions and hotel accommodations, can be found online at: www.VGXPO.com

Lunar Tide, based in Philadelphia develops videogame related services for consumers and businesses. In addition to managing America's VideoGame Expo, the company also operates the VideoGame.Net Experience, an education service provider that works with universities to provide curriculum to teach students in third grade through graduate school how to make games. For more information on the company's products and services, please visit us on the web at www.VGXPO.com and www.VideoGame.Net


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