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American Video Game Company Embraces Next Generation Business Model

Rapid Reality Studios Has Grassroots Feel, Big Time Plans


APRIL 11, 2007

Rapid Reality Studios is not just another video game developer; it's the American Dream (just about to) come true. The Atlanta-based studio is an up and coming video game developer that, thanks to the Internet, is self publishing its games. Most importantly, the studio is staying true to its mission, to create games players want to play. To do this, Rapid Reality is employing innovative game design, distribution and marketing strategies.

This year marks the release of its first game, Phylon. The title is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) PC game in which players can join the Bloblic Colossal Imperium, the Amphibian Vyctorium, or the Terran Protectorate in their struggle for control of the Planet Anura.

In March, Phylon entered Closed Beta, a testing phase during which players can play the game for free and help de-bug the prototype. Gamers get a chance to see what the finished product might be like and the designers get feedback on what gamers want. Rapid Reality Studios recently moved Phylon into Open Beta; opening the game to any interested gamer.

One of Rapid Reality's keys to success is having a clear channel between its game developers and gamers. The studio is busily incorporating player feedback and recommendations from the beta test into Phylon. Tracy Spaight, the studio's COO elaborated on the relationship, stating "We view game development as a conversation between gamers and our design team. The better we understand gamers' needs, the better the games we create. Communication is as much about listening as talking. We promise to listen to gamers and to keep them involved in our projects."

Phylon was praised by gamers involved with the Closed and Open Betas who had the following to say:

"Overall I am really appreciating the changes you guys (Rapid Reality) are making and have made since beta started. Nice job."

"I think if the DEV's (Rapid Reality) take all the feedback from these forums they could have a great game on their hands."

"A wild mix of an MMO and a first-person shooter. With Frogs!"

Once the Beta is complete, the game will release commercially and be available through an online digital distribution channel. The company plans to release expansions every ninety days to extend the game through new zones, characters, and game features.

Phylon is only one of the many exciting projects at Rapid Reality. The studio plans to roll out multiple "next-gen" console titles in 2007-8. Looking ahead, the industry and gamers anxiously await an epic MMO PC game title Africa. The game will immerse gamers in the rich mythology and folklore of Africa; a culture that has yet to be explored in a game.

Although the studio prides itself in its art, animation and design capabilities, its efforts to develop and publish titles across multiple game platforms with gamers as a critical voice in the process define the company. In an industry focused on the giant established Publishers, the small, strategic and nimble Rapid Reality Studios is one to watch.

About Rapid Reality

Founded in May 2005, Rapid Reality is a video game developer located in Marietta, Georgia. Our team of programmers, artists, and designers is dedicated to producing next generation online games. Our passion and our mission is to make the kind of games you want to play and we want to build. There are no suits at Rapid Reality: we're gamers.

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