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American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A. In Development For Xbox And PC

Third-Person Action/Adventure Satirical Comedy Challenges Gamers To Save Los Angeles From Aliens, Zombies and Natural Disasters

LOS ANGELES - April 26, 2005 - American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A., a third-person action/adventure game that will weave a wild storyline and a unique art style, is currently in development for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and the personal computer. Developed and published by Enlight Software, Ltd.; conceived, designed and executive-produced by American McGee, Bad Day L.A. is expected to be available in Q1 2006.

"Bad Day L.A. will give gamers a one-of-a-kind experience - from the astonishing graphical art style to the atypical storyline featuring zombies, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks, to the reluctant and cynical politically incorrect hero - those who play it will never forget it," said American McGee, executive producer for the game. "Bad Day L.A. features awesome combat, a variety of mission scenarios, and a main character whose constant cynical wisecracking and 'every man for himself' attitude make him one of the most hilarious and politically incorrect game 'heroes' to date. Bad Day L.A. is sure to offend half of America while giving the other half a much-needed escape from their everyday fears."

Bad Day L.A. will plunge the player into a deep and comedic storyline that plays off the "fear culture" of modern America with a tongue-in-cheek comedic twist. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, Bad Day L.A. will satirize the City of Angels and disaster films while combining a fantastical art style, groundbreaking collaborative gameplay elements and a heavy dose of dark satire to create a truly unforgettable experience.

In Bad Day L.A., players are thrust behind the shopping cart of a homeless man turned city-saving crusader, Anthony Williams, a reluctant hero who left behind the privileged life of a successful Hollywood agent after losing his self-respect. Anthony survives in his cocoon of destitution and isolation in Los Angeles until it all suddenly goes downhill and Los Angeles comes under attack from zombies, terrorists, earthquakes and other untold disasters. Facing complete annihilation, Anthony is reluctantly forced to begin a cynical quest for salvation. Using only his street smarts and the environment to stay alive, he must save the very city he loathes and its citizens whom he detests, and, in the end, escape what has become a very Bad Day in L.A.

Bad Day L.A. will boast a flat graphical art style developed by "Kozyndan," a highly acclaimed LA-based art team, which will give the game an unmistakable and totally unique look and feel.

Bad Day L.A. will feature ten expansive game levels based on real-world Los Angeles neighborhoods, including Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills, and each will provide gamers with different challenges and experiences. To fight their way through this battered Los Angeles, players will be armed with an eclectic mix of everyday armaments and bizarre and humorous weaponry, from the mundane firearm to the more improvisational spray paint can flamethrower.

American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A. is expected to be available in Q1 2006.

For more information, please visit the game's official Web site at www.enlight.com/baddayla.

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