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America's Video Game Expo 2008

Next month's event in Pennsylvania adds retro, anime, movie and music elements.

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Philadelphia, PA – (October 10, 2008) – Lunar Tide Communications, Inc and NBC Philadelphia announced today their plan to expand America's Video Game Expo (VGXPO) to include more content influenced by pop-culture and emerging technologies. Building VGXPO into an interactive festival, the event now includes: video, computer & tabletop gaming, sci-fi & anime fandom, interactive technologies and videogame inspired music.

Building the event beyond the main exhibition hall, this year's VGXPO will present a number of attractions to supplement the main expo. These include an anime festival, a classic gaming convention, major gaming competitions, a B2B gaming summit, TV and film screenings, and an evening program that includes music and late night gaming.

“Our mission is to provide attendees with an amazing gaming and pop-culture experience,” stated Jennifer Johnson-Halpin. “We’ve built VGXPO from the ground up and each year we add new elements to the convention. With the new content additions at VGXPO, we’ve become a must attend pop-culture event on the East Coast.”

With the involvement of NBC Universal, and inspiration from events like the San Diego Comic Con, Game Developers Conference, Classic Gaming Expo, after-hours networking parties at E3, RoboCon, MagFest, and DigitalLife, the organizers of VGXPO set out to build a one-stop-show for everything that gamers are into. This expansion of content in VGXPO provides attendees with hours and hours of fun, and paves the way for significant growth in years to come.

"VGXPO is a one-of-a-kind conference that continues to grow year-to-year. It has turned into a highly anticipated event on my industry calendar," said Amber Dalton, founder of the professional gamer group, PMS Clan. "There is no other show on the East Coast that combines all of the elements that VGXPO brings to its attendees – this is a must attend for gamers and industry insiders."

Including the previously announced East Coast Games Summit, this year’s VGXPO will introduce a number of new events, including: VGXPO’s Anime Festival, R-botx Fest, Retro Con, VGXPO After Hours, Gaming In the Dark, and more.

R-Botx Fest

VGXPO will host R-Botx Fest, a robot challenge that will feature both FIRST and VEX robotics competitions. This three-day event will include dozens of high school students competing in engineering events to find the very best robots.

Retro Con

Retro Con is a classic games and collectors expo hosted at VGXPO and presented by J2Games. Retro Con will occupy two 5,000 sq foot ballrooms, including areas with vendors selling vintage games and collectables, a museum with exhibits showcasing game systems from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, an art gallery featuring box and concept art, magazine covers and classic advertisements, and a special program track which will feature industry luminaries speaking about the history of gaming.

Intel Extreme Master's America's Championship

Attendees can look forward to the American finals of the third Intel Extreme Masters Season at VGXPO. The event will feature the best American teams competing in Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft. Up for grabs are combined prizes of $80,000 and spots in the global finals.

Sneak Peaks: Game, Anime, TV and Film Screenings

VGXPO will play host to a showcase of game, anime, web, TV, and film screenings. The screenings will include new footage of videogame and sci-fi TV programming, and sneak previews of up coming movies. In addition to new content, VGXPO will host special screenings and Q&A sessions on videogame related films. More details regarding the program schedule are forthcoming.

Videotopia 2008

The Videotopia exhibit is a traveling arcade museum that includes over 100 arcade video games, all set on free play. Many ‘first generation’ gamers grew up playing games like Ms. Pac Man and Street Fighter in arcades. With Videotopia we’re giving those ‘first gen’ gamers a chance to revel in the glory days of arcade gaming, and maybe even share some of their childhood experiences with their own kids.

Anime Game Fest

The Anime Game Fest at VGXPO provides attendees with everything that a fan of anime would want in a dedicated anime convention, with the added value of being part of one of America’s largest gaming conferences. The festival will feature screenings of anime and live action films, dedicated panels, karaoke, otaku-related gaming tournaments, an anime marketplace, CosPlay and much more. VGXPO’s Anime Game Fest is co-presented by Zenkaikon, a leading East Coast anime association that runs events for fans of anime and Asian pop culture.

VGXPO's After Hours & Gaming in the Dark

When the doors close on the main exhibit hall at VGXPO, that doesn’t mean that all the fun is over. New to VGXPO this year is VGXPO After Hours and Gaming in the Dark, a nighttime music & gaming festival that will be open until 1:00 am. These events will feature: late night LAN & console gaming; tournaments; gaming inspired music performances; a CosPlay competition; and a laser light show.

About VGXPO and the East Coast Games Summit

America's Video Game Expo (VGXPO) and the East Coast Games Summit will be held November 21 – 23, 2008 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in Philadelphia, PA. For more information about the events, or to register, please visit www.videogame.net

About Lunar Tide Communications, Inc.

America's VideoGame Expo, the East Coast Games Summit and VideoGame.Net are part of Lunar Tide Communications, Inc. a company that develops videogame related events and educational services. For press inquiries regarding America's Video Game Expo, visit us on the web at www.videogame.net.


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