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Amazon users slam Spore DRM

Consumer reviews overwhelmingly negative due to "draconian" DRM

Will Wright's latest game, Spore, has been receiving negative reviews on Amazon from fans whose only complaint is with the SecuROM DRM system installed with the game.

According to consumers, SecuROM limits the purchaser to a maximum number of three installations before requiring the owner to contact EA and request more codes.

Over one hundred users have only awarded the game one star on the site's Customer Reviews pages, although many admit the title is a great game from the legendary The Sims designer.

"I came to Amazon to buy it, but clearly the DRM is repulsive and malware in nature. I will not buy it," wrote on reviewer.

"I'm very disappointed that EA has chosen to treat us all like criminals," stated another.

The game went on sale last Friday in Europe, but as one reviewer noted, the anti-piracy measures may have a limited effect, as the highly-anticipated title had been leaked on torrent sites days before the official release.

"Fantastic game, gets 1 star because of DRM. It was pointless anyway, since the game was leaked 4 days before the release date."

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