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Online multiplayer action that's "easily one of the best indie games I've ever encountered" according to Starcraft 2 man Chris Page.

Altitude defines a new genre of online multiplayer action with a diverse arsenal of planes, weapons, and perks, and game modes ranging from base destruction to plane ball (imagine Quidditch with a lot more explosions). An active international community organizes clans, participates in competitive leagues, and creates a steady stream of high-quality maps.

Says Chris Page, former professional gamer and lead balancer on Blizzard’s Starcraft 2:

“Altitude is a genuinely deep and rewarding multiplayer experience in the guise of an old-school arcade game. The basic gameplay is very accessible, yet contains enough nuance and depth to remain compelling for months. Easily one of the best indie games [or games period] I've ever encountered.”

To date, purchasers of Altitude average over 60 hours of play time (in-server, non-idle).

Game Modes:

1) Plane Ball – football with planes.

2) Team Base Destruction – intense battle to destroy the opposing team’s base; coordinated pushes and strategic loadout decisions turn the tide.

3) Demolition (similar to Counter-Strike bomb/defuse) – tactical dogfighting.

4) Team Deathmatch – just like you’d expect, with ally-proximity based respawns to keep your team together.

5) FFA – maximum mayhem dogfighting.

6) 1-life Deathmatch – slower, more deliberate pace – every kill and death is critical.

7) 1-life Team Base Destruction – for the hardcore crowd.

Planes and Perks:

Loopy: quick and agile skirmisher, excellent for nuke delivery, map control, and heavy plane escort

Primary Weapon: Tracking Missile

Secondary Weapon: EMP Grenade

Weapon Perks: Tracker, Twin Fire Missiles, Acid Bomb

Bomber: slow but maneuverable, unleashes devastating volleys at medium range, ideal for securing choke points and powering through blockades

Primary Weapon: Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon: Tracking Tailgun

Weapon Perks: Suppressor, Bombs, Flak Tailgun

Explodet: riveted steel armor protects this lumbering beast from the concussive blasts it deploys to direct the action, strong defender

Primary Weapon: Rocket

Secondary Weapon: Hover Mine

Weapon Perks: Director, Thermobarics, Remote Mine

Biplane: well rounded fighter, fearsome close-range burst damage

Primary Weapon: Long-Range Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon: Short-Range Flechette Cannon

Weapon Perks: Dogfighter, Recoilless Gun, Heavy Cannon

Miranda: high tech sniper, excels at hit-and-run tactics

Primary Weapon: Chargeable Plasma Cannon

Secondary Weapon: Reverse Drive

Weapon Perks: Trickster, Laser, Time Anchor

Hull Perks: Rubberized Hull, Heavy Armor, Repair Drone, Flexible Wings

Special Perks: Turbocharger, Ultracapacitor, Reverse Thrust, Ace Instincts

More information is available at

Free Demo:

Free demos of Altitude are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux from The full version is available now for $15 USD from, and from Steam, Direct2Drive, and GamersGate starting December 4th.

About Nimbly Games:

Nimbly Games is an independent studio founded by 2 guys who love multiplayer games. Inspired by classics like Mario Kart, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and DotA, we’re committed to creating deep, rewarding multiplayer action games that stand the test of time.

Contact (press only):

We are happy to provide review copies and discuss promotional opportunities. Please contact for additional information.

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