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Altis Gates

All about the upcoming closed beta.

After the mad dash through the short but eventful 3 day Alpha Test, Altis Gates ( is now gearing up for their Closed Beta. The time has been set, and the Altis Gates Closed Beta will begin at 8:00pm EST (GMT-5) on February 2nd, 2010!

The CB will end at 10:00pm EST (GMT-5) on February 11th, 2010, which means a whopping 10 days of fun awaits everyone involved! However, all account data and characters created, including those retained from the AT will be gone at the end of the CB.

The main difference between the AT and then upcoming CB is that the CB will be much less exclusive and activation keys should be much easier to come by. There are several different routes players can go to pick one up, so if you missed the AT, be sure you don't miss out on the CB. Various media sites will be offering keys, and players can also pick one up from one of the many events we have planned. Just remember that these keys are free, so dont buy one on eBay, just head on over to our main site and forums and enter to win one!

If you were one of the lucky ones to grab a key to the AT, then you don't need to worry about competing for another one for the CB, you're already in! All account information from the AT has been kept for the CB, so just log in when the CB starts and start having fun!

If you've already installed the game for the AT, you can simply run the game and then upgrade to the CB client version automatically.

For new players joining the CB, you can obtain the game client here.

For more on the exciting world of Altis Gates, please visit our official website at

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