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Altis Gates

2.5D MMORPG's development continues apace.

Altis Gates (http// is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG soon to be published by IGG. The development team is now making final preparations for the Alpha Test. Despite being so busy, the team took some time to give players an update on their progress.

We've just finished overhauling the maps for the five main cities and improved the autotrack function a bit, so now almost all the hyperlinks in a character's quest log will guide them to a target location, making it much easier to find quest-related spots. We've also improved the function that allows players to move around automatically, so players will be able to use a combination of automatic movement and fighting functions to fight for as long as 255 rounds without having to enter new commands. This will give players more options for continuing their progress without having to constantly micromanage their characters when their time and attention are limited.

In the near future, we will be focusing on enriching the four mystic isles. We're planning to add many well-known monsters from western mythology to the isles, such as Medusa and the Unicorn. In addition, the four isles will be guarded by a very tough boss that will drop high-end equipment and crystals upon defeat.

We will also be ramping up the fun with pets. In most MMORPGs, each player character can only control one pet at one time. We are eager to break this trend by developing pet corps for release as soon as possible. To form a pet corps, players will need to talk to an NPC who has the "Daily Sociality" option. Pet corps will consist of pets only and may include up to five pets. A player's pet corps will be able to fight a computer-controlled pet corps. When a pet corps wins a battle, the pets in the corps will gain experience. With two difficulty levels, the pet corps feature will be entertaining for players of all skill levels, and make it easier and more fun to cultivate pets.

The Altis Gates development team has been working hard will keep doing so to continually make improvements to the game during the Alpha Test and beyond. Stay tuned to the official site at http// for more information and the latest news about Altis Gates. Visit for more about IGG's ever-growing variety of games.

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