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Alten8 To Publish - Project Xenoclone

For immediate release. Friday the 30th June 2006 Alten8 is pleased to announce the latest full price game signed to its growing portfolio of PC releases - Project Xenoclone - by Oniric Games , with world wide distribution rights , excluding some mid and Eastern European countries (listed below) . Alten8 believes this is a strong PC release for the third and fourth quarters of 2006. Oniric Games is an Argentina Development company based in Buenos Aires - in 2005 they received an award to innovation . Oniric Games was selected as one of the most innovative projects of the Manos a la Obra plan (which included a total of 33,000 projects) and received an award from the President of Argentina. Project Xenoclone - The Game - An Introduction Holding the hand of those who wait... Looking in the eyes of those who suffer... Feeling the breath of death lurking in the shadows... But it was especially this , and its cruel reality what gave birth to Project Xenoclone.waiting lists. They make the difference between transplant and death, between relief and uncertainty, and with their never-ending lines they establish an ordering for pain and hope. Dismayed, he went to sleep over the cold tracks of failure. And it was the restless white voices covered by coats stained with dark secrets that awoke him from his lethargy. And then, in the shade of a false eclipse of hope, he strengthened science creating the cruel monopoly of existence. Some time later. In an abandoned railway complex, which hides the installations of the most important biotechnology lab in the world, all hell has broken loose. Thousands of blood-thirsty creatures lurk in the shadows , and kill everyone in their path. David, a security guard, and Julia, a young doctor, are alone among the corpses; their chances of survival are almost zero. Guide them through levels packed with relentless action and find out the secret that hides behind Project Xenoclone. Features of the game - Dive into this most exciting sci-fi story where secrecy, treason and innocence will open the doors to a reality as horrible as it is merciless. Take control of David and Julia in a doubly impossible mission -containing the creatures inside the complex and keeping these characters alive. Work your way through multiple levels, rendered in real time 3D graphics, which will get you into an intense action experience on your PC. Face thousands of merciless monsters and experience a shooter with a unique game play. Sharpen your wits to successfully accomplish the varied missions and get through levels with multiple challenges. Penetrate the lab's security system and access top secret documentation that will cast light on the shady truth about Project Xenoclone. The future of mankind rests on your shoulders. Are you up to the challenge? Interested parties should contact us directly , or through one of our existing world-wide distributors. We also welcome interest from new development teams who would like to publish their games through Alten8 , one of the fastest growing new publishers. Alten8 has exclusive retail publishing rights excluding the following areas - Germany , Austria , Switzerland , Russia , CIS , Poland , Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldavia, Uzbekistan - and versions in the languages of German , Russian or Polish , for Project Xenoclone , and also world wide non-exclusive digital distribution rights. About Alten8 Limited Set up at the start of 2005, Alten8 Limited hopes to become a new force in game development , publishing , and distribution of games and other content , across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its Retro-Soft brand , and all new titles and content under the Alten8 label . Alten8 hopes to become the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible , fairer , way of working. CONTACT INFORMATION: Info
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