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Alten8 To Publish – Etrom: The Astral Essence

Alten8 is please to announce it has signed a deal with P.M. STUDIOS to publish its PC game 'Etrom : The Astral Essence' , within the United Kingdom , Ireland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway on an exclusive basis.

Currently already for sale in Italy , Poland , Russia and online , this 3D Action-RPG game has a Deep and involving Storyline set in a dark, futuristic, "neo-gothic" world where technology and a fantasy Middle Ages collide.

Alten8 is pleased to add this quality title to our forthcoming range of PC games it is bringing to the market.


Game Play Details -

Etrom is an epic adventure that will take you into a dark future where warring societies are divided not just by walls, but also by laws, secrets, religions and the terrifying Void Lands. In a world with fantastic technologies, people will find their future in ancient civilizations governed by mysterious hidden energies.

Etrom leads you across realms and cities, through democracies and "repressive" dictatorships. It is a journey through space-time portals, amongst the Thrones of the Abyss, and beyond the gates of the City of Light. With a huge number of locations, and settings it plunges you into a world of rituals, fraught with secret-service plots and held together by dark spells.

Etrom is an endless journey with AND against demons, secret divinities, dragons, mech's, hover-tanks, different races and intelligent entities from across space and time...From a brooding world of mega-cities you will set out across many dimensions and realities to face men and gods projected into the absolute infinity.

Forge Your Destiny!

Unleash Your Inner Demon!

Feel The POWERS of the Astral Essence!


Interested parties in Etrom : The Astral Essence , should contact Alten8 directly , or through selected distributors working with Alten8. Scheduled UK release date - 30th May 2006 , after localisation into French.


About Alten8 Limited

Set up at the start of 2005, Alten8 Limited hopes to become a new force in development , publishing , and distribution of games and other content , across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its retro-soft brand , and all new titles and content under the Alten8 label . Alten8 hopes to become the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With releases on many formats throughout 2006 and beyond planned.


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