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Alten8 Releases FREEFALL For Mobile Phones

Alten8 is pleased to be able to release FREE FALL for mobile phones , a top quality , multi-language supported mobile phone game from the developers Corelane.

For immediate release.

FREEFALL is a 3D isometric action-reflex game, in the spirit of the Marble Madness style of game , where you guide a fragile glass marble in a hostile environment. You will have to use all your dexterity, patience, and reflexes to succeed and finish the game.

Features :

50 levels spread over 3 different worlds.

Wonderful 3D isometric maps.

Use world topology and special areas, like accelerating and bounding grounds to finish levels.

Avoid all kinds of dangers, from fixed and moving bumpers, to magnetised enemies.

Use your mind to solve puzzles and find secret places.

Over 250+ models of phone , across six manufacturers , are covered by this game , with SIX languages pre-loaded into the one version - English , French , German , Spanish , Italian and Portuguese.

Alten8 believes this is a world class game , which has a strong cross over potential to both casual and hardcore console gamers , and is another strong title which proves that independent developers and publishers can rival industry leaders on many levels.

It is being released via Alten8's chain of partners and distribution network worldwide , please contact Alten8 or one of its partners for distribution details and opportunities.

About Alten8 Limited

Set up at the start of 2005, Alten8 Limited hopes to become a new force in game development , publishing , and distribution of games and other content , across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its Retro-Soft brand , and all new titles and content under the Alten8 label . Alten8 hopes to become the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible , fairer , way of working , an Alten8 way.



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