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Alten8 Announces Nintendo DS and PC Game – Wordsnake

For immediate release.

Friday the 20th April 2007

Alten8 is pleased to confirm the latest DS title in its growing list of coming soon console releases - Wordsnake.

Having signed a deal with Pixel Magick to bring their best selling game, Wordsnake, to the Nintendo DS, PC , and then Wii.

Pixel Magick will be working closely with Alten8 to ensure all the playability and addictivness of the original are preserved in this new version which will feature several improvements and new features.

David Greenberg, from Pixel Magick, said "We are very please that Alten8 will be bringing this game to a wider audience and the DS version, with its use of the two displays and touch screen, makes good use of the hardware and is looking especially promising."

About the Game.

In Wordsnake, the aim of the game is to build words of 3-8 letters from the random selection on the tile rack, and reach a target score before the time runs out.

Each new word is placed on the board from an existing letter tile, forming snake like structures, which means the words must begin or end with the existing letter. Subsequent tiles will disappear after a set time, which means the player must form new words to keep the snake alive and invalid words will reduce the players score.

New features include the ability to randomly shuffle letters and move letters to a second tile rack to help with word construction. Special tiles let the player gain extra lives, decrease/increase remaining level time.

As the player progresses to each new level, they will have less time to complete the level, the target score will increase, and extra walls will appear that restrict the playable area.

Paul Andrews , CEO of Alten8 , said "This is yet another great example of not only the growing portfolio of Alten8 titles coming to console , but also how smaller companies can work in co-operation to produce a wide variety of addictive quality games to a world market.

Alten8 will both publish the games itself in some regions , and in partnership with other interested companies for regions not yet covered or signed. Alten8 welcomes interest from third parties in this future DS range , or other content or business services it can offer.

About Alten8 Limited

Created and operational during 2005, Alten8 Limited is a new force in the development, publishing and distribution of games and other content, across a wide range of formats. Licensing both older titles under its Retro-Soft brand, and all new titles under the Alten8 label. Alten8 is becoming the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With a wide range of content across PC, Phone, GBA, DS, PSP, PS2 and Wii, either already released, or in development for release during 2007 and beyond. Alten8 also provides business , sales , and media solutions for third party labels , as well as a new range of video content for release starting summer 2007. Visit for more information.

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