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Web-based card duel game launches new card packs.

-One new Ex-Pack available for each Sphere, eight all-new cards!

-Each Ex-Pack has five cards, one entirely new with new art, one alternate EX Card with totally new abilities, plus thee of the most sought-after cards from Sets 2 and 3!

-the EX cards give you access to powerful abilities, including mass extinction, field manipulation, time of day manipulation, level manipulation and multi-attacks.

-Art by Rei (Aquarian Age, Code Geass manga), Miho Midorikawa (Culdcept Saga, Duel Masters), Yu Hijikata (Valkyrie Profile) and more!

The tides of war are not driven by the kings and queens, nor by the ministers or even the developers of new weapons and magics. They are driven by the faces of the individuals who fight in them!

Even the most meek of creatures will become hardened by battle. Legends speak of a Carbuncle who is a survivor from a great battle against dragons.

In Crest, a young girl tears through the enemy with great determination. Her Scythes are named Fear and Despair, but her heart fights with a purpose: to protect her princess.

A noble knight wanders after his wife and child have been murdered. For revenge, he gives up his soul and gains the unlimited destructive power of hatred.

A master class Wizardress uses confusion as her ultimate weapon in battle. However, it might be that she is the one who is most clouded by the fog of war.

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Check out the card preview and trailer:

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