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Free "Gran" for everyone.

Honored Iczer,

-Our users banded together to throw down the evil forces of Batora, and to celebrate EVERYONE on the server has gotten 100 Gran and 2 Point Cards. That means you! Just log on and you'll find it's already there!

-EX Batora Card Pack 1 is on sale now. The four cards from our first Batora event are now available in a single pack in the Card Shop!  These EX cards bring a new kind of power to your game and will only be offered for two months. 

-This weekend only! As part of our Batora event, the EX Batora card pack will be discounted 22 Gran! Don't miss the chance to get four EX cards in a single pack!

-Also, we're holding a Halloween pumpkin carving contest this year, with a participation prize for everyone and a Grand Prize of 1000 Gran and 20 Point Cards.

EX BATORA 1 details page


Halloween Contest Page


And, our DEMO LINK:

Main site:



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