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Ex-4 card packs now available.

-One new Ex-Pack available for each Sphere, eight all-new cards!

-Each Ex-Pack has five cards, one entirely new with new art, one alternate EX Card with totally new abilities, plus thee of the most sought-after cards from Sets 2-4!

-The EX cards give you access to powerful abilities, including subtype buffing, area of effect damage, range drain and level manipulation.

-Features a new dragon, Alteil’s first level 8 card!

-Art by Rei (Aquarian Age, Code Geass manga), Miho Midorikawa (Culdcept Saga, Duel Masters), Yu Hijikata (Valkyrie Profile) and more!

The battle for the Shrine of the Holy Realm escalated, and now, there are prices to be paid as the aftermath settles on four nations at once.

All struggles have dark consequences! As the veterans return, they will be judged.

The unreadable Fortune, an Inquisitor of High rank, arrives in Folrart. She has the ear of the Inquisition Judges and her word is law, but her true motivations are clouded in mystery.

A scourge from the forgotten past of Lavato, the Dragon Zangadylan who once threatened the power of the Dragon Emperors, rises again with the curse of undeath.

Dilate finds Esria, a young woman without memories, collapsed on the side of the road. Her past and the very nature of her existence have been erased, but not her power.

Balzelda is left by her queen to protect the Mermaid Kingdom. But her enemy is not an army, but an evil curse that has been corrupting everything under the sea, even her best friend.

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