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Alone in the Dark movie heads Stateside in January

The theatrical adaptation of classic survival horror series Alone In The Dark has been picked up by US distributor Lion's Gate Films, with the company planning to release the movie in North America on January 28th.

The movie, which stars Christian Slater as investigator Edward Carnby, was directed by Uwe Boll - a name which will be familiar to anyone who's seen (or been subjected to) the critically slated House Of The Dead movie.

"I'm really happy that Lions Gate is releasing Alone In The Dark," Boll enthused in the annoucement of the distribution deal. "The game has millions of fans worldwide and our movie turns out as very intelligent supernatural thriller with great actors and creatures."

Published by French firm Infogrames, Alone In The Dark is considered by many to be the genesis of the modern survival horror genre - introducing many of its most familiar aspects long before Capcom's Resident Evil brought the format into the mainstream consciousness.

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