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Alltern8 beta testing

Looking to harness its community to boost feedback to developers.


June 19, 2009

Alltern8 (, the world’s first online publication, community and resource site built by and (and for) the consumer, announced today its long-term plans to improve the quality and quantity of Beta Tester feedback to developers.

Currently, Alltern8’s own version of “Area 51” (and three quarters!!) is being feverishly worked on by its own developers and is due to be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Historically BETA testing has always been popular. However it has always suffered from poor feedback to the developers, who depend upon the detailed information needed to help develop both a game that works, and a game that people want to purchase and play beyond its introductory launch.

Alltern8 will soon address this serious issue by:

- Collating thousands of members into user groups assigned to various titles they have been invited to work on.

- Working closely with developers to create a powerful, new feedback application that gives the Game developers the information they need. This will also give the avid fans and testers up-to-date news on a wide variety of titles all in one place.

- Hosting a wide range of features aimed at assisting game developers in delivering polished products, while at the same time giving maximum Pre-Launch exposure.

Unlike other sites, Alltern8 ensures from the outset that BETA users understand not only their importance in play testing, but also the importance of serious pertinent game development information and feedback.

Alltern8 currently seeks collaboration with you and clients. Interested parties please contact us immediately to discuss.

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