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Allods Online

Launched for the Turkish market by Games.

Hamburg, February 2 nd, 2011

Hamburg, February 2 nd, 2011 – Games, one of the world’s leading providers of online games, and the studio Astrum Nival announce the release of the award winning fantasy-MMORPG “Allods Online” for the Turkish market. The title is a free-to-play game with a development budget of over 12 million Dollars. This makes it the game with the highest investment ever to be developed in Russia today. The release of the title in Turkey is planned for the first quarter of 2011. “Allods Online” has so far been released in eight languages and further releases are being prepared.

“Allods Online” is a graphical sumptuous fantasy-MMORPG that inspires not only with its unique world where the laws of nature do not apply but also with the immense depth of the game content with over 2000 quests. The players may chose among six different races and eight classes that are further developed throughout the course of the game via a multitude of abilities. In order to be able to get to otherwise inaccessible locations in the game world the player uses so called Astral Ships that can be built with the appropriate recourses. These ships can be enhanced, modified and support the player in epic PvP Battles as well as in PvE fights against almighty daemons. In this “Allods Online” incorporates team play and cooperation: One Astral Ship may be crewed with up to six players that will take on different positions and functions onboard the vessel. This will raise the effectiveness of the ship considerably.

The story of “Allods Online” takes the player into a universe in which the remnants of a once gigantic planet now drift in a sort of sub-space which is called Astral. Life is only possible on the largest fragments of the former planet. These are known as Allods. The smaller parts are extremely instable and very dangerous. But these adversities are by far not the worst threat for the players: Hordes of daemons and monsters have invaded the Astral via several portals and now the survivors of two alliances that once where enemies fight side by side for life itself.

“We are very happy to be able to make the most important game ever to be developed in Russia available to Turkish gamers” says Alexander Goldybin, CEO of Games. “Allods Online rises above the competition and differs greatly from other products. The innovative setting and the concept of customizable Astral Ships bring a fresh feel to the game as well as the interactive behavior of the players that is advanced via several measures”, continues Goldybin.

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European Publishing

In the course of the strategy of a long-term development of new markets the Games GmbH was founded in July 2008 in Hamburg. Starting out under the name Astrum Online Entertainment GmbH, Games GmbH is concentrating its efforts to offer localized versions of popular and internally developed top titles to the European customers. Meanwhile this branch has advanced to the status of European central office and is working internationally, publishing and marketing Mail.Ru-licensed product as well as own developments in the EMEA-region. In doing so Games GmbH has the sole responsibility for all processes of the projects including marketing, distribution, multilingual support and server-hosting.

Currently Games GmbH is running "Drachenkrieg" ("Legend: Legacy of the Dragons"), "Supersoccer" ("Football Territory"), "Juggernaut" as well as "TimeZero" and "Berserk Online", five own developments of Mail.Ru in seven different languages. Additionally by now licensed products like “Empire Craft” and “GodsWar Online” have been released. In 2011 the portfolio will be extended much further.

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