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Alien Breed: Impact

A Q&A with Team17 artist Nick Gomersall about his handiwork.

1. What was the inspiration for the Alien Breed artwork?

“Of course the obvious answer is the ‘Alien’ films, and also some other classic science-fiction films which we are all big fans of here at Team17. We were, however, equally inspired by the original Alien Breed series of games. I always remember having great fun playing them back when they first came out, and I also fondly remembered the art-style of those games, and it made a big impression on me as well.”

2. How does the new Alien Breed artwork differ from the older titles?

“It’s all completely new. I tried to keep the feel of the original game but with the extra quality and attention to detail that is expected of modern games, with current technology that allows us to create incredibly detailed visuals.”

3. How long do these images take to create?

“It does really depend on which piece of artwork or image we were working on, but for a level object, a day or two per asset would normally suffice. For a concept image sometimes this takes a little longer.”

4. How do you feel these images are unique compared to other games in the same genre?

“The sci-fi genre is packed full of reference materials and stunning imagery, which is great, but we have tried our best to be as original as possible and give the art of Alien Breed its own look, feel and visual identity. I do think that fans of the sci-fi genre certainly have their own expectations about how things should look, and it has been great fun to create visuals for Alien Breed that sometimes meet their expectations, and sometimes completely turn them on their head!”

Nick Gomersall

Lead Artist

Team17 Software Ltd.

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