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Alexander – The Hour of Heroes

BASINGSTOKE, England, (November 26th 2004) - The action role-play game "Alexander - The Hour of Heroes" brings the legends and battles fought by the Greek hero Alexander the Great back to life. The title is due for release on the 26th of November

Who was Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great (356 to 323 BC), King of Macedonia, was born in the Macedonian city of Pella. He was destined to become the greatest military genius in western history and to conquer the majority of the known world at that time. His wish was to take over all countries and create a giant united kingdom.

The game "Alexander - The Hour of Heroes"

The player takes on the role of Alexander and some of his closest friends in this action role-play game with fantastic 3D visuals. He accompanies the commander and his special units in his famous battles. He thereby not only solves tricky and delicate battle-related tasks, but also must prove his mettle in action-packed fights. At the beginning of each mission, the party is made up and equipped with weapons, equipment and healing potions. Bonus points are available for successful battles which can be used to reinforce the heroes attributes and special moves (e.g. shield hit, all-round blows, multiple punches, jump attack). The player collects weapons and objects from the battlefield and can use them for his fighters or sell them. Victory in the various missions and difficult battles is achieved by employing tactical skill. Opponents, in addition to normal soldiers, also include boss opponents, e.g. on a chariot or battle elephant! The arena is another mode. Here you can go straight into battle without any delay and continually face new opposing hordes. The camera can be freely rotated and swiveled.


  • Action-packed battles at monumental, historical locations
  • Fascinating historical background of the early Greek history
  • Detailed real-time 3D graphics
  • Various groups such as the Greeks, Persians or Egyptians
  • Characteristics such as strength, skill, stamina and life power
  • Realistic battle representation in 3D
  • Various weapons such as one-handed and two-handed weapons, bows and spears
  • Differing and complex fighting styles
  • Difficult special missions with Greek fighting units
  • Mission generator for endless playing fun
  • Varied landscapes influenced by the weather
  • Special capabilities that can be extended
  • Individual pieces of equipment and weapons


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PR Manager

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