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Aldorlea catalogue

Laxius Force now available from GamersGate; Millennium and 3 Stars of Destiny are on Impulse.

Aldorlea Games ( is proud to announce that several of their catalog titles have newly been included in two of the leading digital distribution platforms for RPG players all over the world to enjoy them!

Laxius Force on Gamersgate

Recognized for its addictive gameplay, the magnitude of its world and its countless characters, Laxius Force has proven over the years to be a solid title quality and quantity-wise, as its fan base has kept growing since the release of the first game in the saga, almost 10 years ago.

The first episode of the trilogy is now available on the famous website with further episodes to come later this year.

3 Stars of Destiny on Impulse

Acclaimed by critics and players alike, this independent RPG featuring the heroes of the Laxius saga in their early years has gathered a solid reputation all around. Featuring 10 characters and a quest spanning over 50 hours, this is a must-have for old-school RPG fans!

Millennium: A New Hope on Impulse

Awarded “Best RPG of 2009” by RPG Fan, Millennium is a fantastic RPG telling the story of Marine, a young girl challenging the government of the main town. Filled with colorful places and gorgeous musics, this game is a gem to be discovered!


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