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Akella Company is proud to announce that the long-awaited MMORPG Everquest II will appear in Russia

Akella Company is proud to announce that the long-awaited MMORPG Everquest II will appear in Russia, according to agreement with Ubisoft, soon after the world-wide release on the 8th of November, 2004.

EverQuest II is going to coexist with the legendary online universe of EverQuest. The sequel takes place 500 years after our first acquaintance with the world of Norrath which has however evolved greatly and reached the new epoch in its history. The character you create belongs to one of the 16 playable races and can master any of 24 different classes. The appearance of the character is totally customizable allowing you to create totally unique person among the vast amount of other characters.

The world of Norrath has grown much. Exploring its known and brand new areas, the characters will encounter 160 different monster types, visit beautiful cities and crawl through dungeons full of treasure and challenge, gain dozens of useful skills and learn tomes of devastating spells. You can fight, you can trade, you can explore - you can live. The character of yours can own real estate, ride horses and command ships. Many trading skills allow you to produce most powerful weapons and equipment, making you a great warrior and a famous craftsman. All players are free to create and join guilds to perform cooperative raids, complete epic quests or produce and trade items.

The visual experience of EverQuist II is incomparable to any of well-known MMORPG's. This level of graphics is more common to the latest 3D-action games and not to existing online projects. Scrupulously detailed environments are almost life-like, and the deep character customization process lets you create any appearance you wish.

Almost every NPC has its own voice allowing him to communicate directly to the player and loose ties with the common text-based interface. There are more than 130 hours of live speech featuring in the game.

Flexible role system helps to provide comfortable terms of existence to both experienced MMORPG-players and the ones who casually visit the world of Everquest II.

Game Features:

  • A brand new online universe succeeding all the positive traits of its predecessor;
  • Vast and 16races, 24 character classes, 50 levels to advance;
  • Thousands of pieces of equipment along with the ability to create new and the most powerful ones;
  • Hundreds of quests for gaining experience and unique;
  • You can purchase real estate and travel by horses throughout the world;
  • The freedom of joining hundreds of guilds to become involved in thousands of peoples' in-game activities;
  • Astonishing graphics not common to the world of MMORPG;
  • 130 hours of live speech during the dialogues with the inhabitants of Norrath.

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