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Akella Announces City of Abandoned Ships

The makers of Sea Dogs, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other critically acclaimed naval titles are working on another swashbuckling RPG.

Moscow, Russia, 16 November 2007 - Akella, a leading developer, publisher and distributor of video games in Russia and CIS, has announced its forthcoming naval title, City of Abandoned Ships. Developed by, City of Abandoned Ships will combine compelling gameplay and wonderful graphics thus bringing a new experience to all the fans of daring sword duels and ship-to-ship combats.

"Akella has a good track of records in developing a diverse lineup of maritime titles. City of Abandoned Ships is one more step to build upon our capacities in creating the paradise world of pirates as it was in the 17th century", said Dmitry Arkhipov, VP Development of Akella. "Our new RPG will deliver an exciting storyline and attract new fans to naval games genre".

About City of Abandoned Ships


Publisher: Akella

Genre: RPG

Release date: Q1 2008

Starting out your buccaneering career you can choose to go it alone and become the most feared pirate on the seven seas, terrorizing Spaniard and English gentleman alike. Or prove your loyalty and take the coin of one of four different navies: French, English, Spanish or Dutch.

Sailing the high seas as a swashbuckling dread pirate or as a dashing naval captain, you will explore strange new countries and alien civilization, raid and plunder fortified ports and cities, and search for ancient treasures. But beware, the dead do not sleep easy and in the dark South American jungles myth and reality intertwine.

Solve the ancient mysteries of a vanishing tribe, cross swords with the most notorious swashbucklers ever to sail the ocean blue and make sure that no foe ever sets foot on land again.

Key features:

Explore the accurately-mapped paradise of the Caribbean. Sail your tall ship around the islands of Cuba and Jamaica to Belize and Bermuda. Vast array of land-based locations, from dense South American jungle to dark Caribbean cave complexes. Meet real-life historical characters, such as Jamaican governors Colonel Thomas Lynch and Thomas Modyford. Take your part in quests based around actual historical events. Experience mirrored missions for different states - defend a Spanish territory in one instance and orchestrate a ruthless attack in another. Unique P.I.R.A.T.E.S system of character progression: Power, Impression, Reaction, Authority, Talent, Endurance and Success. Face fierce ship-to-ship combat or stand toe-to-toe with the most feared swordsmen in the Caribbean.
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