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Airport Control Simulator

Just be careful of volcanic ash.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 7 May 2010 – Premier videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive and Nemesys Studios announce that their addictive air traffic control game for PC Airport Control Simulator, is available at major UK retailers and good independent games shops as of today. The Iceberg webshop ( here) also has stock for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

For a free demo of Airport Control Simulator please visit our friends at GamersHell or FilePlanet.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “It is very enticing to keep on playing this game. The multitude of factors involved, the increasing challenge to land them all safely and the plain fun in obtaining the best score just keep you coming back for more. Even if you are only remotely close to being a control freak this definitely is up your alley.”

Airport Control Simulator is a casual simulator game in which players need to land the incoming airplanes on the runways. The game features 15 internationally known airports. Players operate as Air Traffic Controller and need to take in consideration the different angles of an increasing number of incoming planes, their speed and their altitude, before landing them all safely and as quickly as possible. This combination of factors makes Airport Control Simulator a very entertaining, fun and addictive game for everyone.

To find out more about Airport Control Simulator and to keep up with the latest news on the game, visit www.iceberg-interactive.com.

About Airport Control Simulator

Is the altitude correct? Which plane can stay in the air longer? What direction are other planes coming from and is a collision likely? You are in control. Land all types of airplane on your airport, until there are no more incoming flights.

As Air Traffic Controller you will experience the stress, the hectic pace and the satisfaction of landing all of your planes as safely and as quickly as possible. Avoiding collisions at all times, direct planes to their correct landing path and runway, while monitoring their fuel load closely. Your results will be strictly monitored, a score attributed and new airports unlocked – but any accident will result in your immediate firing.

Airport Control Simulator Features:

• Casual addictive game play

• 15 Different International Airports

• Realistic Air Plane Behavior

• Dynamic Weather conditions

• Complete control over the airspace

• Progressively harder levels and complex manoeuvres

About Nemesys Team Studio

The Nemesys Team was formed in 2004 by dedicated and skilled game development experts, and consists of coders, graphic artists and composers. Nemesys Team provides all designing, programming and 3D art needed to successfully deliver games.

About Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive is a premier videogame publisher set to make a splash in the interactive entertainment industry. The company is staffed with a mix of industry veterans and upcoming young talent, has offices in key locations across Europe and has established partnerships all over the globe for both online and offline sales. Hence why Iceberg is a great alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience. The company has the licenses for several console platforms yet currently focuses foremost on PC gaming. Iceberg is among the market leaders for the following niche genres for PC: simulators, adventure and action games.

Don’t just play… play it cool.

For more information visit www.iceberg-interactive.com to keep up with the latest breaking news.

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