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Air Traffic Controller

"King of Stress" badge among rewards to be earned as game launches today.

PQube has today announced the release of Air Traffic Controller, exclusively for Nintendo DS™, published by Ertain and from developer Sonic Powered.

Take charge at the world’s busiest airports as an air traffic controller. Safely direct a multitude of different aircraft to land and take-off, while maintaining order on the runways. Players must use skill and determination to make their airport the safest and greatest in the land.

Players are solely responsible for directing hundreds of tons of airplane steel and the thousands of passengers they carry. It will take a sharp eye, good memory and smooth sense of control to get those massive beauties off and back onto terra firma without incident! Players will feel real pressure when they climb into the hottest seat of one of the world's most stressful jobs…

“It’s like taking on the dual roles of air control and ground control without years of studying for your ATCO licence from the CAA. One broken link in the chain breaks everything,” reassured Rob Noble, Marketing Manager at PQube.

The air traffic controller must keep everyone calm, especially the pilots, by managing their individual stress meters. Radio instructions must be communicated in short, clear messages to keep all four contact groups – Approach, Tower, Ground and Delivery – working together in more and more demanding scenarios.


•       Juggle up to 8 flights at once at busy airports to try to keep them from crashing into one another

•       Control, direct and manage incoming and departing flights from 3,000ft up in the air to reaching the airport gate and vice versa

•       Keep track of 7 types of planes for 14 airlines in changing weather conditions

•       Test your mettle in 3 difficulty levels with 5 stages in each

•       Earn 16 badges awarded for your actions like "King of Stress", “ATC Legend” and “Ruler of the Sky”

•       Share your high scores with up to 7 friends in the ATC Library

Air Traffic Controller is available now for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi.

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