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Air Command 3.0

Joining Brainpipe, Scallywag, and Space Horse in bizarrely-titled quadrilogy.


Cary, NC, 15 February 2011

In this world there are many bundles. You may encounter a Bundle of Joy, which is typically a baby. Or a Bundle of Trouble, which can also be a baby. Possibly also a rabid weasel in a sack. Then there’s the Bundle of His, heart muscle cells used to conduct electrical impulses that were named after the Swiss doctor Wilhelm His, Jr. This month Shrapnel Games wants to introduce you to the Bundle of Fun.

The Bundle of Fun is a collection of four fast-paced and fun-filled (but alas, not crème filled) games for Windows, available for one low price. That’s right, we’re offering FOUR games for the price of ONE. Madness, you say? Did we forget to take our Thorazine? Perhaps, but our disregard for our psychological wellbeing means massive savings to you, our customer! Just watch out if you see us with a sharp object.

The Bundle of Fun consists of the following titles: Air Command 3.0, BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity, Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa, and Space HoRSE. All titles offered in the Bundle are the Windows and downloadable versions only.

Air Command 3.0: Push tin in this exciting air traffic control simulator without the threat of hypertension, a failed marriage, or poor government regulation. Ten airports, realistic weather, simulated communication issues, multiple levels of difficulty, editing capabilities, and scenarios playable in minutes all make Air Command 3.0 a game that boasts not only high replayability, but the ability to fit the game into your busy days. And what a perfect game for someone looking for a strategy title that doesn’t revolve around panzers or floppy eared militant elves!

Air Command 3.0 Product Page

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity is the award-winning arcade game of psychedelic colors and sounds from the masters of the weird, Digital Eel. Experience a colorful 3D trip through the mind without trepanning or magic mushrooms. Using a one-button interface, players attempt to shed their humanity over the course of ten ever-increasingly difficult levels. Bewitching visuals and audio will hypnotize, while the addictive gameplay will keep pushing players to a new high score. Free your mind with BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity.

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity Product Page

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa: Not every dungeon needs a dragon at the end. Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa is a Rogue-like dungeoncrawl, its eighty level layout generated newly with each game, in which the adventurer’s ultimate goal is to descend deep into the pits and slay the Medusa. Between you and her though stand various creepies, not to mention the dark. Yes, a strong shield and good blade is not enough to stand tall in this single-player dungeonbash, you also have to keep your lamp lit by carefully managing its oil supply. That’s right, not only is it a dungeoncrawl but it’s the world’s first oil lamp fuel management game! But wait, there’s more! Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa even includes the ability to craft your own adventures! Single-player action RPG, full featured dungeon creator, awesomeness achieved.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa Product Page

Space HoRSE: From beyond time, from beyond space, from beyond the bath, comes the Space HoRSE. Twenty metric tons of pure economic bliss, Space HoRSE is the game that dares to capture pure ‘80s gaming nostalgia. Inspired by the classic sci-fi economic game for the Atari 8-bit, M.U.L.E., this wonderful homage will transport you back to your youth without the need for a pastel wardrobe. Supporting up to four players (playable hotseat or online), forty-five random events, non-violent economic gameplay perfect for the whole family, and a great techno soundtrack from Michigan’s own Data Regeneration Project, Space HoRSE is pure retro gaming goodness.

Space HoRSE Product Page

here you have it, the four games that make up the Shrapnel Games Bundle of Fun. Grabbing the Bundle of Fun will only cost you $29.95! Whether you look at it as each game costs less than $7.50, or it’s a total 75% savings, or you’re saving $89.95, it all comes down to it’s one heck of a deal. Of course, we can’t keep these savings forever, so the Bundle of Fun is only available from today until February 24th.

Head on over to the Gamers Front and get your Bundle of Fun for Windows, only $29.95 and only available until February 24th:

Click here to purchase now.

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