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Air Chix

New pics and info on Tokkao's paper airplane iPhone game.

Miami, FL - March 23 nd , 2011 -  Tokkao promised new images and they have delivered. Finally, they released on Tuesday March 22 nd , more pictures and details of their new game Air Chix.

New images  of the game

It has taken some time since Tokkao first announced Air Chix on March 8 th, but they have finally released more screenshots to the public. In these images they have shown new collectables and challenges. “I totally love how this game is coming along!”, said Tokkao's Co-Founder and Lead-Programmer Javier Feliu when asked about the development of the game.

Game details

The game hero, Chix, is an adventurer little chick flying a paper airplane and looking for the lost treasure of the ancient times. Air Chix, which is being developed in Unity 3D, will be a Side-Scroller / Adventure game in which players must collect fruits while evading obstacles. Other collectables include stars, which will give Chix a speed boost through the level, thus improving the chances for a greater score ; however, this also increments the challenge of evading the environment's obstacles. The team has also stated the game will support online Learderboards and Achievements through Open Feint for those who will like to use these features.

Where to look for information?

Tokkao promised to release a promotional video in the following days and are actively posting development progress in their Twitter page

As we wait for the game release, the Tokkao team started welcoming comments and toughs through both Air Chix and Tokkao Facebook pages. The pages, listed below, will be the primary source of information regarding Air Chix development.

Air Chix :


About Tokkao

Tokkao was founded in 2010 and resides in Miami, Florida. The company is currently focused on the iPhone platform but has developed games for Facebook as well. For more information about Tokkao,  visit or follow them on  

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