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Air Chix (Feather Tales)

A little chick goes in search of treasure in his paper aeroplane. Ahhh!

Air Chix is an adventure / side scroller game with colorful cartoonish environments and easy one-touch gameplay experience. The game is being developed in Unity 3D and is planned to come with full OpenFeint integration.

Some art images and gameplay screenshots are already available in the Company Facebook page


The Tokkao team is already posting development progress and news at http://www.twitter.com/tokkao , 

About Tokkao

Tokkao was founded in 2010 and resides in Miami, Florida. The company is currently focused on the iPhone platform but has developed games for Facebook as well. For more information about Tokkao, visit http://www.tokkao.com or follow them on http://www.twitter.com/tokkao.   

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