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Air Bandits

PC shooter inspired by '80s side-scroller Sopwith.


RANDWICK, Australia - Jan. 29, 2009 - Insofta Games announces Air Bandits 1.0, a new incredibly spectacular and highly enjoyable shoot'em up arcade for Windows PC. The game has been inspired by Sopwith, the legendary side-scrolling 2D arcade from the 1980s that involved piloting a biplane to destroy various ground targets.

In Air Bandits, you play as a pilot of a vintage fighter plane who must soar over the unfriendly territory, bomb the ground targets and take down enemy aircrafts, while avoiding their fire. The level is won when you destroy all targets displayed as red spots on the mini-map. Advancing through 26 increasingly challenging levels, you encounter many different types of ground targets, including fuel supplies, explosives, tanks, anti-aircraft guns and pillboxes. This all keeps the game fresh and exciting to play.

At the start of Air Bandits, you go through the beginner levels that serve as a fun way to learn the game. With every new level, you're presented with new challenges, requiring you to show your skills in aerobatics and warfare. The game will challenge you to fly under the bridges to kill targets hidden below, discover shortcuts to enemy fortifications, maneuver through the fire and explosion debris, and engage in hot duels with air bandits. These planes may pose a serious threat, but will also reward you with more points if you take them down.

To help you survive, there are some rescue tricks that work to your advantage. You can, for example, upgrade your health and get more ammo if you take down Zeppelins. Another lifesaving feature is destructible terrain, which allows you to dig tunnels in the ground. When there's a high rock on your way and you want to save your time, you can blast at it from the machine gun and drill a tunnel for your plane to fly through.

Unlike the twenty-something-old Sopwith, Air Bandits has been given a 21st century boost and shines with pleasant artwork and stunning animation. Special effects for fire, explosions and smoke are rendered aesthetically well and definitely add to the game play. Air Bandits features physics-based destruction. If you shoot at a ground target, it explodes, throwing the chunks of metal and ground all over the place almost realistically.

Designed with a casual gamer in mind, Air Bandits is all about having fun rather than worrying about which key on the keyboard to press. You can use only the mouse to control the aircraft: fly the plane in the desired direction, make loops, accelerate speed, drop bombs and attack enemy aircrafts.

With its fast paced action, cool tricks, stunning visual effects, and hours of replayability, Air Bandits 1.0 offers an absolutely yummy cocktail for the casual gamers of all ages.

Have fun as top gun in Air Bandits!

Pricing & Availability

Air Bandits 1.0 runs on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista. A demo version is available. Downloading the demo gives the player an opportunity to experience 60 minutes of the unique, fun action of Air Bandits 1.0 before buying the full version. The full version available for $19.95, offers the unlocked gameplay, 16 new levels set in 4 different locations, and 6 new enemy types. For more information, visit

About Insofta Games

Founded in 2008, Insofta Games is an Australian indie game developer with a team of high caliber programmers. The company specializes in action game development for PC and distinguished for superb artwork and addictive game play. Currently, Insofta Games is storming the casual game market with a new shoot'em up arcade, Air Bandits.


NOTE TO EDITOR: If you would like to request review copies of Air Bandits, please mail Vitaly Brusentsev, A special version of the game can be provided to the readers of your edition.

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