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Aion Exchange app launched for iOS gadgets.

BRIGHTON, UK – 20 October, 2010 -- NCsoft, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, today announced the availability of the Aion Exchange app for iOS devices, providing Aion ® players with enhanced ways to enjoy their favourite, award-winning game. The Aion Exchange app designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (available now in the iTunes store) provides players with live access to the game’s Broker system empowering them to optimize their buying and selling of in-game items.

"The economy within the world of Aion is wonderfully complex and deep and we've found that our fans are always looking for ways to better their interactions and experiences with the game. While Aion Exchange currently features comprehensive item databases and additional insight for when buying and selling of in-game items, we see this application as an extension of the game and we will continually support and update the service offering with future feature updates," said Chris Hager, producer for Aion, NCsoft West.

Aion Exchange is much like having a financial analyst that helps players navigate the deep, persistent, online markets of Atreia. The app is a completely indexed and searchable item database that gives you the versatility to sort by category and browse item lists revealing everything from marketplace trends to highest and lowest prices. It’s the best of in-game and online web features, in the palm of your hand.

Aion Exchange features include:

My Aion and Item Search: View all the characters on your game account, along with stats, equipment, and more. In addition to giving instant access to character info, Aion Exchange also serves as a comprehensive item compendium containing information about all the equipment available in the game. Broker and Price Stats: Leverage the power of market trends and highly-indexed search criteria to ensure you’re on top of the latest Broker trends. See weekly and monthly insights for the top five auctions, most expensive auctions and least expensive auctions, all organised in helpful categories such as weapon, skill, consumable and more. Wish List: Similar to what one would find in many online stores, the Wish List allows gamers to add an item to a Wish List to see the lowest price and the number of auctions available for that item, making it easy to know when to snag your favourite item from the Broker. Push Notifications: A quick and convenient way to monitor how well your online transactions are going, push notifications will tell you the number of items you have sold without having to log on or open the app. Aion Exchange is just the beginning of NCsoft’s strategy for bringing rich, game experiences to users through multiple platforms. The Aion Exchange app joins the still-in-development Guild Wars 2 suite of web and mobile experiences to deliver a variety of ways for players to enjoy compelling content inside and outside of the games.

Aion Exchange is available under the Utility and Reference categories in the iTunes App Store for €1.59*. The 7.8MB download supports iPhone OS 3.0 or later in English, French and German.

About Aion

Unlike any MMO before it, Aion is a uniquely crafted online gaming experience where flight offers much more than just a way to gracefully explore the landscape - it is a strategic and integral part of combat, quests, and exploration. Aion enables players to battle and experience thousands of unique, story-driven quests, all while trying to save and control a world literally shattered in half from centuries of brutal conflict.

In Aion: Assault on Balaurea, the recent free expansion, characters have the ability to align together to launch massive counter assaults against the invading Balaur on their homeland while experiencing new and updated instances and zones, an increased level cap, new weapons and items, new skills and added flight mechanics.

About NCsoft

NCsoft, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, including the critically acclaimed Aion, Lineage ® , Guild Wars ® , and City of Heroes ® franchises. NCsoft West is a division of NCsoft that holds operating responsibilities for North America, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More information can be found at

*You must have an NCsoft Master Account and an active Aion game subscription to log in and use this application. Cellular or Wi-Fi connection also required for use.

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