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Localized version of AIKA Online to launch in Singapore and Malaysia.

8 December 2010, Singapore – AIKASEA is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that focuses on the Player vs. Player (PvP) element and is set in the enchanting land of Arcan, where the Goddess AIKA led the Humans into war in order to restore peace to the land of Arcan.

AIKA Online has won many awards at the 2009 Korean Game Awards where it bagged the Best of Show: Prime Minister award, Player's Choice: Best Online Game award and Best Game Design & Scenario award.

This MMORPG stands out because of the astounding war modes that it has within the game. One of which is the Nation War, where players engage in glorious 1000 versus 1000 battles to bring top glory to their respective nation. They are also able to raid treasures from their enemies to prove their superiority.

Another main attraction of the game is the beautiful and adorable Princess of Air Nymph (PRAN). This pixie-like character is the must have companion for every player. The player will have to interact with the PRAN to mould her personality as she grows and evolves. Other than being a great travelling buddy as the player explores Arcan, she is also a personal cheerleader and can aid the player during battles by enhancing with additional buffs. She can also be dolled up with pretty costumes and accessories to match her unique personality.

Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd (Asiasoft) is pleased to be the official publisher for the localised version of the game, AIKASEA in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.  It is slated for an official launch in early 2011.

A sneak peek of AIKASEA will be held at the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention at Suntec City Convention Centre halls 401 and 402. Players can have the chance to interact with a real life PRAN, who will be at the booth for photo opportunities. However, there is small challenge that the players need to complete in order to get up close with her for a photo, and they will have to visit the booth to find out the details.

"We are very excited about the upcoming launch of the much awaited AIKASEA in 2011 to the fans in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia." said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. "Being the first game to herald in the new year, gamers can expect more exciting events and activities to keep them entertained throughout.

Be one of the first to catch a glimpse of AIKASEA at the Asiasoft Booth at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention from the 10 th to 12 th of December 2010 at Suntec City Convention Centre, level 4, halls 401 and 402.

AIKASEA is developed by Hanbitsoft, one of the largest online game developers and publishers in Asia. The game is currently being enjoyed by players in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America and more recently, Russia.

AIKASEA source materials are available for download and viewing at:

Logos: (1.15MB)

Artwork: (15.4MB)

Screenshots: (6.07MB)

Game website:

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AIKASEA, the localised version of AIKA Online (, is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that focuses on the PvP elements to engage players in various war modes, such as Castle Siege and Territorital Battles for the glory and restoration of peace in the enchanting land of Arcan. Accompanying the players in their war battles are mesmerising pixie-like companions called PRANS, who give aid in battles and develop their own personality as they go through evolution.

About Asiasoft Online

Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd in Singapore and AS Online Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, collectively known as Asiasoft Online, are incorporated as subsidiaries of Asiasoft International Co. Ltd, listed in Thailand as Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

Asiasoft Online is part of the Asiasoft group of publishing companies with a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam serving over 38 million registered gamers.

Asiasoft Online publishes Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in Singapore and Malaysia and assists game developers to tap onto the growth potential of the South-East Asia region.

Asiasoft Online publishes “MapleStory”, “Audition”, “GetAmped R”, “CABAL Online”, “Sudden Attack”, “Yulgang Online”, “Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms”, “RayCity”, “Monster Forest Online”, "????(SG Online)" and "AIKA Online".

Asiasoft Online, through @Global Games, also channels "Requiem: Alive" and distributes  through the payment gateway, "SilkRoad Online", "Alteil Online", "ROHAN", "SEAL Online" and "K.O.S". @Global Games is a platform where gamers from South East Asia can play on one unified server. 

Committed to developing the regional online gaming community, Asiasoft Online works with content developers and industry partners to entertain and engage casual gamers and netizens. Content localization, marketing and game service management are deployed by specialized and dedicated professionals, for game developers, in an integrated services platform.

About HanbitSoft

Founded in 1999, HanbitSoft has been the benchmark of contribution for the general development of Korean IT industries. Since it brought out major PC Games such as Starcraft and Diablo, the company has advanced into a centre of reference for the entire Korean gaming and entertainment industry.

HanbitSoft is currently one of the top online game developers and publishers in Asia with subsidiaries in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong. It was awarded the Supreme Award in the 2009 Korean Game Awards.

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