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AIKA Online

Syncopate signed for Russian launch of HanbitSoft's "1000 vs. 1000 Super-Large War MMORPG".

(2010-11-26) <Aika Online> ( – “1000 vs. 1000 Super-Large War MMORPG”, serviced by HanbitSoft (K.Y. Kim, CEO), has concluded an export contract with Russia’s Syncopate (Oleg Sambikin, CEO) at G-Star 2010 held in BEXCO Busan, the largest game festival in Korea.

<Aika Online> has now advanced to Russia, following Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, and Brazil starting last 2009 to be serviced at 10 nations.

Syncopate, which services <Aika Online> to Russia, has been established early this year centering on CEO Sambikin, who has ample experience in servicing online games, is expected to successfully lead <Aika Online> as its first title to become the best publisher in Russia.

<Aika Online> in Russia aims to proceed from closed beta test (CBT) to open beta test (OBT) within this year.

During the contracting ceremony, Director Y.R. Kim of HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. said, “I am very happy to be servicing <Aika Online> hand-in-hand with CEO Sambikin, who already has ample experience succeeding in the Russian online game market with RPG, and will spare no technical support for the successful entry of <Aika Online> into Russia.”

<Aika Online> has already received awards in three groups in the 2009 Game Award, including the Most Excellent Game Award.

On the other hand, HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. has installed a demonstration booth at this G-Star 2010 event to allow guests to play all of its games on-site, including <War Cry>, <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>, <Extreme Trolling> and <Squadflow> to induce explosive response from the users.


Contact Point

B.K. Yoon, Chief of Department ? 070-4050-8080 (C.P) 017-514-6538 (E-mail)

J.K. Jeon, Manager             ? 070-4050-8081 (C.P) 016-859-2850 (E-mail)

H.R. Kwon                     ? 070-4050-8083 (C.P) 010-6505-0518 (E-mail)


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