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AIKA Online

New videos show the growth of Pran from wee toddler to strapping lass.

- Aika online unveils latest video of "Pran," the eternal partner of users

- Users can check out 6 different aspects of Pran in advance when she grows up into a girl

Aika Online, the ultra large-scale war MMORPG game served by Hanbiton ("Aika"; of Hanbit Soft Co. (CEO: Gi Young, Kim), launched the latest video of Pran to offer gamers another dimension of fun with wars.

The video shows 6 different aspects of Pran when she grows up into a girl according to the dialog exchanged with the user. As an eternal partner of the user, Pran is very different from regular pets, growing up with the user through leveling up together. Pran goes through the fairy stage, infant stage, girl stage, and adult stage according to the level of growth; at these times and depending on the contents of dialogues exchanged with the user and relationship with the user, her aspects and way of talking vary; thus enabling active and passive skills change.

As a girl, Pran reveals 6 aspects in the video: cute, sexy, intelligent, outgoing, and tough. She is expected to offer more fun to users by showing different behaviors according to aspect. In the OBT version of Aika, users can see Pran grow up into a girl.

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