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Aika Global

Level cap set at 70 in MMO.

The new zone, “Termes”

The new zone, Termes is where the Tower of Giovanni, a place for Great Prophets of Lakia, is located. It also serves as a place of magic research and training ground for the novice magicians. M.I.G., the battle unit purely composed of magicians resides across the place and has developed a unique culture and way of living. However, with the recent appearance of Hormah at the middle of Termes, the place has been contaminated. Worse, an army of Cruel Angels has initiated an attack to free the Labyrinthos that it has turned the place into a battle ground. To recover Termes, which serves as a symbol of Lakia, congress has summoned all its forces and the great alters to bring forth a battle of the generation.

The new Monsters

What better way to explore the new maps than to rub elbows with the monsters? The level 60 to 70 monsters live in the contaminated ruined land and are very distinct from the typically monsters seen in-game. Their attack is powerful and any brave fighter may receive unimaginable amount of damage. Adventurers who would like to take the challenge would have to equip strong armors and weapons covered with magic to increase the chances of survival.

Must-have new Items!

In the face of a much more chaotic and deadly battle fields come the new sets of skills for each job class. There are the normal and superior items and new unique weapons that each player can equip their characters with. Upon reaching level 61, players are given 12 stat points followed by 2 stat and skill points in the consecutive levels. New Lvl 65 normal equipment can be made using the Anvil while the Lvl 64 superior equipment can be gained with a certain probability.

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Redbana Philippines

AIKA Global, is a free to play fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game specifically optimized for massive nation warfare of 1000 players going against 1000 other players, offers an amazing piece of delight that is a first in the online scene. The game has received numerous awards and recognitions by the 2009 Korean Game Awards for the Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Player’s Choice: Best Online Game, and Best Game Design and Scenario. Gamers have given it positive reviews as it has competed with popular games titles like World of Warcraft (WOW) and Aion in Korea. AIKA Global is directly handled by its developers so there won’t be any trouble when it comes to servicing the game and the usual setbacks experienced by other publishers are minimized. Players can then expect awesome and hassle-free game play.

Download the game today at or visit T3fun’s portal at

*AIKA Global's service is available to countries around the world with the exception of The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia

T3 Entertainment

T3 Entertainment is a major Korean MMO developer and publisher. It is a developer of online games with branches in Korea, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Its name was established in the Asian market with the blockbuster hit 'Audition' and has been quickly expanding since, with over 300 million current users in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. With a large work-force and skill in the development of online games, T3 Entertainment has won the Best Game of the Year Award on numerous occasions.

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Hanbitsoft Inc.

HanbitSoft Inc. is one of the largest online game publishers in Korea as well as in Asia. HanbitSoft has continuously invested in developing and publishing excellent and promising online games. HanbitSoft has a broad portfolio of online games ranging from casual games to high-end MMORPG’s, either developed in-house or by external development studios such as Joy Impact (WYD and its recent MMORPG, CardMon Hero) IMC Games (Granado Espada), etc. HanbitSoft games have reached out to more than 40 countries including Europe and Brazil and it is focusing on pioneering overseas online game markets in an effort to be a “global leading publisher.”

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Redbana Philippines Corporation

Redbana Philippines is a subsidiary of Hanbitsoft Inc. Redbana Philippines currently services popular global game titles such as With Your Destiny and the award winning AIKA GLOBAL. Redbana Phillipines aims to be the Philippine’s No. 1 Online Game Publisher with introduction of new games such as AIKA GLOBAL and the latest release, CARDMON HERO.  

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