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Aika Global

Free to play MMO open to North Americans.

Seoul, Korea - February 18, 2011 - AIKA Global goes firmly international as T3fun officially opens up its doors to North American audiences today. To extend a warm welcome to North American gamers, T3 has organized a double experience event this month for all AIKA Global gamers.

AIKA Global opens to the North American market to meet high public demand. Formerly under IP restriction since the official release in August of 2010, North American gamers can now play and enjoy the game together with the rest of the world. AIKA Global, a game directly handled by its developers, prides itself with its smooth and hassle-free game play, world-class customer service and a dynamic community composed of players around the globe.

Double EXP Event

Welcoming new gamers in  North America, AIKA Global will be organizing a Double Experience Modification Event during the following dates:

-          February 17-18, 2011 - 00:00 - 23:59 EDT for levels 1 – 60

-          February 19-20, 2011 - 00:00 - 23:59 EDT for levels 1 - 70

To learn more about Aika Global, please visit:

* AIKA Global's service is available to countries around the world with the exception  of Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia

Download the game today at or visit the T3fun portal at

About Aika Global

AIKA Global is a free-to-play fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game specifically optimized for massive nation warfare of 1,000 players battling 1,000 other players, offering a unique and innovative experience that is a first in online games.. The game has received numerous awards and recognitions by the 2009 Korean Game Awards, including Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Player’s Choice: Best Online Game, and Best Game Design and Scenario. Gamers have lauded the title since release, directly pitting it against other popular online titles including World of Warcraft (WoW) and Aion in Korea.  AIKA Global is being maintained directly by its developers to ensure awesome and hassle-free game play with the best in customer support.

About T3 Entertainment

T3 Entertainment is a major Korean MMO developer and publisher of online games with branches in Korea, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Its name was established in the Asian market with the blockbuster hit 'Audition' and has been quickly expanding since, with over 300 million current users in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. With a large work-force and skill in the development of online games, T3 Entertainment has won a “Best Game of the Year” award on numerous occasions for its various titles. In conjunction with Hanbitsoft, the company operates an online games portal consolidating its latest and most popular Free-to-Play MMO titles, found at For more information about T3 Entertainment, please visit:

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