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AIIDE 2008

Artificial Intelligence conference opens next week; hopefully won't become self-aware and build race of killer overhead projectors armed with laser pointers.


Menlo Park, CA – October 17, 2008. The Fourth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference will be held October 22-24, 2008 at Stanford University, Stanford, California.

AIIDE is the premier conference on artificial intelligence in computer games and entertainment. It brings together technical leaders of game development and research, to examine how artificial intelligence can improve games and entertainment, exchange information about new developments in the field, and share experiences in deploying AI in commercial products.

The conference is hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (

Intelligence for games and entertainment

"It's an exciting time for entertainment AI," says Michael Mateas, conference chair and noted researcher at the University of California at Santa Cruz. "We've seen many recent games succeed thanks to smart gameplay, interesting interactive characters, and lifelike worlds. AI is at the core of bringing all these elements to life. And AIIDE is where many of these new AI approaches are first presented, and where existing techniques are explored in depth.

Leaders in research and development

"We have a remarkable series of invited talks, and they will be a great highlight of the three-day technical program," says Chris Darken, program chair and a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School.

The line-up includes luminaries of game design, development, and entertainment research, who will share their insights into the field's recent developments and future directions, including:

• Doug Church and Borut Pfeifer (Electronic Arts)

• David Cope (University of California Santa Cruz)

• Eric Grundstrom (Electronic Arts / Maxis)

• Damian Isla (Bungie Studios)

• Steve Rabin (Nintendo, DigiPen Institute of Technology)

Along with invited talks, the conference features a full technical program, with papers on research and industry developments, as well as a lively poster/demonstration session. "This year's technical submissions have been particularly strong, with over three times the number of submissions from last year, and we're eager to share them with the community," adds Darken.

Sponsored by AAAI

"AAAI continues to push on the boundaries of AI science and applications," notes AAAI President Eric Horvitz. "AIIDE was organized to bring together AI researchers and people who are at the frontiers of digital entertainment. Game developers have continued to pursue the creation of more believable characters – entities that take intelligent actions, guided by goals, situation, and shared memories of rich histories of interaction," he continues. "Through an outstanding set of invited speakers and contributed papers, researchers and developers will be able to grasp the state-of-the-art and valuable directions for innovating. They'll also be able to network with others of like mind. The meeting is quite unique," concludes Horvitz.

More Information

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About AAAI

Founded in 1979, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (formerly the American Association for Artificial Intelligence) is a nonprofit scientific membership society devoted to advancing the science and practice of AI. Its mission is to: (1) advance the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying intelligent thought and behavior, (2) facilitate their embodiment in machines, (3) serve as an information resource for research planners and the general public concerning trends in AI, and (4) offer training for the current and coming generations of AI researchers and practitioners. The Association sponsors a number of conferences and workshops each year. More information can be found at

For press inquiries only, contact:

Sara Hedberg

(425) 444-7272

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