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AGON: Lost Sword Of Toledo – Now on sale in the UK

Worms/Leicester, 22nd February 2008

Kalypso Media Group are pleased to announce the adventure game "Agon - Lost Sword of Toledo" is now available in stores in the UK.

Also today, Kalypso Media release ten new screenshots from the game, showing picturesque settings in the Spanish town, as well as mysterious items and scenes to give an insight into the dark secrets of the Toledo locals to be investigated by the player and Professor Hunt.

Professor Samuel Hunt finds himself in the middle of another adventure in the latest episode of the Agon series. This time set in the peaceful and picturesque Spanish city of Toledo the British Professor will have to uncover many secrets that have been taken to the grave if he is to unravel the mystery and discover the location of the historical sword.

A mysterious music box, an iron door in the church that has not been opened for a hundred years, an unfinished painting, some strange letters and of course the fourth manuscript from the John Gillam Codex are found. But will the Lost Sword of Toledo be found?

"AGON: The Lost Sword Of Toledo" will be published by Kalypso Media Ltd in the UK on 22nd February 2008.


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About Kalypso Media

Kalypso Media UK Ltd, with headquarters in Leicester, is a dedicated publisher and distributor of full price, mid-range and budget computer games in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Australasia. Originally founded in Germany in 2006 by industry veterans, Kalypso Media opened its UK office in August 2007. The fledgling publisher has a number of carefully selected PC titles across the lifestyle, strategy and action genres in its lineup, including Imperium Romanum, Agon - Lost Sword of Toledo and Jack Keane.

About Private Moon Studios

Private Moon Studios is a small but professional multimedia development studio in Hungary, whose members are realizing with AGON their long cherished dream. The team, consisting mainly of devoted adventure gamers, decided to tell a fourteen-episode saga in an interactive way, in which the story is woven around board games of a mystic origin and a mysterious codex. Private Moon, which has gained an excellent reputation in Hungary in the past ten years published the first episode of AGON in September 2003, the initial steps of which we could take as Professor Samuel Hunt among the walls of the British Museum in London a hundred years ago. The London scenes were followed by adventures in Lapland and Madagascar in the 1st CD instalment of the game, The Mysterious Codex. The story of the professor continues in the soon to be released Lost Sword of Toledo.

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