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Expand Your Mind Power With Five Addictive Games, Including North American Newcomers Slitherlink & Kakuro

SUNNYVALE, CA - November 8, 2006 - Agetec, Inc. is proud to announce the upcoming Brain Buster Puzzle Pak for the Nintendo DS, featuring the latest and most challenging Japanese mind games including Sudoku and Kakuro. Scheduled for release in February 2007, the Brain Buster Puzzle Pak will provide abundant challenges for novices and experts alike with a deep selection of added bonus materials.

Brain Buster Puzzle Pak features hundreds of puzzles ranging from the hugely popular Sudoku to the latest craze in Japan, Kakuro. Also included are the uniquely challenging and innovative games Light Up, Nurikabe, and Slitherlink. These puzzles have all been created in conjunction with Nikoli, the leading puzzle creators in Japan.

Along with the straightforward puzzles in Brain Buster Puzzle Pak, there will be added bonuses that can be unlocked as players enjoy solving the mind benders. For example, various monsters and asteroids distract you as you work on puzzle, but by removing them you earn special hints, adding to the fun factor. Wallpapers also become available after completing certain puzzle problems which can then be used to change the background graphic of each game.

"There is a huge puzzle movement taking place here in North America and the breadth of games offered in Brain Buster Puzzle Pak will satisfy everyone," said Mark Johnson, Vice President of Production and Marketing at Agetec, Inc. "We teamed up with the world's finest puzzle masters to create the ultimate package of mind strengthening fun."

About AGETEC, Inc.

Agetec, Inc., based in Sunnyvale, California, is a world-class publisher of award-winning software for the North American video game market. Agetec publishes many well-known brand titles for the Nintendo and Sony platforms, including: "PoPoLoCrois", "WILD ARMS Alter Code: F", "King's Field," "The Adventures of Cookie & Cream," "Bass Landing," "RPG Maker," and the "Armored Core" game series.


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