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AGEOD's American Civil War is added to the ranks.

Category: Historical Strategy

Developed by: Ageod

Published by: Ascaron Entertainment (UK)

Website: www.ageod.com

Release date: 12th October 2007

SRP: £19.99

PEGI: 3+

Platform: PC CD-ROM

AGEOD's American Civil War, the historical strategy game from AGEOD, the strategy design specialists, and Ascaron Entertainment is now on sale in the UK.

Ride into battle at the head of the Union or Confederate armies during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Players are military and political leaders trying to lead the troops of their nations to victory, in the midst of some of the toughest operations during those five years of wild campaigning throughout a divided nation.

Game developer Philippe Thibaut, a recognized designer in the Grand Strategy field, has a proven track record in the genre with such titles as Great InvasionsTM, Birth of America, War Wound, Europa UniversalisTM and Pax RomanaTM in his portfolio. Graphical art in American Civil War is based on historical models and paintings by the famous Birth Of America team Robin Pirez and Sandra Duval, and a dedicated and enthusiastic group of historical experts of the Civil War era have assisted in the development of the game.

American Civil War Features:

Powerful game engine and military AI based on the success of 'Birth of America'

The game is played in alternating phases of troop orders followed by simultaneous execution (known as WEGO system)

Easy to play, hard to master! Play a scenario over a few hours, or a full Grand Campaign following in the footsteps of General Grant and General Lee!

Varied selection of scenarios and campaigns

The largest Civil War map ever created, with unequalled beauty and levels of detail

2 playable armies, dozens of troop types, hundreds of events, and over 300 historical leaders with unique abilities

Organize divisions, armies and corps, manage supply and morale, use sea, river and rail moves, and put the best leaders in command (if politics allows)!

Fight to reconcile the nation (USA) or ensure independence (CSA): with political and military victories

AGEOD's recognized dedication to historical accuracy, realism, and graphically appealing games!

AGEOD's American Civil War released 12th October 2007.

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About Ascaron Entertainment

From Day One in 1989 Ascaron Entertainment has become one of the leading European "boutique" developers and Publishers of games for the PC, with many successful titles including Patrician, Port Royale, DarkStar One and SACRED.

Ascaron maintains development studios in Berlin, Gutersloh and Aachen (Germany), as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK). Ascaron currently markets its products in more than 40 countries and over 15 languages.

Ascaron Entertainment (UK) is an independent office and is highly regarded on a domestic and global scale. With a professional reputation, full-service product management, and a wealth of experience in the games industry, the UK operation manages the international releases of Ascaron's entire catalogue, whilst also providing a bespoke publishing, sales, PR and marketing function to selected affiliate label partners. Ascaron Entertainment (UK) continues to be responsible for successfully launching titles into the UK market from developers and publishers worldwide. Titles include the popular UFO, Panzers, Cossacks and Blitzkrieg series of games, as well as critically acclaimed hits such as Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle and TrackMania United.


AGEOD is an established independent French publishing company, founded in 2005 by a few French games industry veterans (including Philippe THIBAUT, designer of historical strategy award-winning games Europa Universalis, Pax Romana , Great Invasions, Birth of America and American Civil War), based in Meylan, France (in the French Alps). Voted Developer of the Year by players on the Wargamer website in 2006 for our Birth of America game. Several new projects are under preparation for the coming months, and we expect most to be as successful as our last two titles, Birth of America and American Civil War. AGEOD also offers an outlet for small independent studios and producers that are less fortunate in the marketing of their own games. AGEOD's first emphasis is placed on historical strategy games with original and innovative features. For more information, visit the AGEOD website at www.ageod.com.

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