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AGEIA Technologies acquires Meqon Research AB

Swedish physics development company Meqon Research AB has been acquired by California-based firm AGEIA Technologies as part of plans to improve its range of developer solutions.

The deal includes transference of ownership of the Meqon Game Dynamics SDK, and Meqon's technology will be incorporated into the AGEIA PhysX SDK. The company has pledged to support current Meqon customers and provide a smooth transition to next-generation versions of the AGEIA PhysX SDK.

"AGEIA is a physics juggernaut in the games industry with its strategic acquisitions and its groundbreaking AGEIA PhysX processor," said Meqon CEO Jonas Lindqvist.

"Our team is thrilled to join forces with AGEIA to transform the future of next-generation games."

AGEIA founder and CEO Manju Hedge commented: "Meqon is a perfect match for the philosophy and technology of AGEIA, and we will hit the ground running to integrate Meqon technology into the AGEIA PhysX SDK."

"Following our acquisition of NovodeX last year, the acquisition of Meqon unites the world's most advanced physics technology under one roof, and is a key milestone in our relentless pursuit of physics excellence."

Meqon's physics solution came to prominence when it emerged that 3D Realms had licensed the technology for the long-delayed Duke Nukem Forever. A number of other developers have since licensed the technology for a wide variety of different projects.

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