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GameKiss's third iPhone game now available.

- ‘Aeronauts,’ the existing on-line shooting and flying game under the same name, has been transplanted into Smartphone

- Scheduled to implement various additional maps and airframes through updates

GameKiss ( announced that the service of “Aeronauts: Quake in the Sky, ‘Aeronauts’ hereinafter,” the highly anticipated on-line game of their own, has been launched onto Apple AppStore as well as Samsung Apps : BADA, ‘BADA’ hereinafter.

Aeronauts is the third game, following ‘Angry Honey’ and ‘Fly Gaga,’ both of which are already in services, making its presence at Apple AppStore. At the same time, it is expected to stir a notable impact at the global market as the game is also introduced onto BADA.

This game is designed in Tilt-type where players are to move the aircraft and destroy enemy fighter jets with guided missiles by touching and swiping. In addition to Tilt, Joypad and Touch are being made available for the users who prefer other playing modes, providing a total of 3 different control methods.

Developed specifically targeting the Smartphone market, the game was designed under Tilt-mode fully exploiting the UX of Smartphone as it provides the users the ultimate thrilling and nerve-breaking experience while avoiding enemy jets and bullets by moving the body of i-Phone. And various items including power-up and bomb are designed to enhance the excitement. Moreover, it provides a sense of accomplishment along with exhilarating experience while players are moving forward and shooting a missile to a target by multiple touches while listening to the BGM.

Both Light (Free version) and Pay-version ($2.99) of Aeronauts are currently registered at AppStore and BADA all over the world except Korea. One airframe and 3 missions are included in the Pay-version, and various maps and airframes are scheduled to be added in the future. Light-version, which contains one airframe and one mission along with advertising module, can be downloaded for free. After playing the Light-version, users can purchase Pay-version which allows enjoying all the contents.

Roman Lee, PM of GameKiss, noted, “We are in the course of establishing ourselves as a globally recognized game company by introducing signature games to the major markets in the world. The latest game, Aeronauts, is also expected to receive warm reviews following the steps of the previous games. We are determined to prolong the fine reputation of GameKiss’s mobile games through continuous updates.”

After successful debut at the global Smartphone market by being number one at AppStore Download rank in 7 major Asian countries with its first title, ‘Angry Honey’ followed by the second title, ‘Fly Gaga,’ which stirred sensation in the mobile game community, GameKiss is now being watched closely if  “Aeronauts: Quake in the Sky” can continue its success.


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