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Aeria Games election plans

Obama- and McCain-related items on offer across various MMO titles.

Santa Clara, Calif. - Oct. 31, 2008 -With presidential Election Day less than a week away, the four-plus million players at Aeria Games will have a shot at choosing the winner, virtually.

In the midst of the elections coming up, several Aeria titles will be dealing out items with presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain attached to them. The items will be sold until Nov. 4 and the presidential candidate item that has sold the most will determine the virtual president.

Players can log on to Last Chaos and find special deals titled the "Barack Obama Presidential Pack" or "John McCain Presidential Pack," that contains numerous items. The best selling pack will determine the virtual president.

So far in Last Chaos, the sales of the two packs are in a close race, with Obama .1 percent ahead of McCain.

This event will allow players a fun way to determine who may be the next United States president. The prediction of the virtual president will be chosen by players from all over the world.

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