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Response to browser-based MMORPG "comparable with World of Warcraft", we're told.

LAND O’ LAKES, FL – NOVEMBER 24, 2008 – Artix Entertainment, which four weeks ago added a browser-based MMORPG called AdventureQuest Worlds to its three-title lineup, has revealed their site is getting 400,000 unique hits per day (12 million per month), a stunning number which compares favorably with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft’s recently announced 11 million subscribers.

Artix, a small, Florida-based family-owned studio that offers three other RPG titles AdventureQuest, MechQuest, and DragonFable, has enjoyed a high success rate in the past five years with over 60 million accounts created for their games.

“Our small web games have consistently attracted a lot of players,” said Adam Bohn, founder of Artix. “The 12 million unique hits per month is the average. We’ve actually hit an all-time monthly high of 17.6 million unique hits.”

Bohn also revealed a site retention rate which may be one of the highest in the games industry. “Of the unique visitors to our website, about 33% of them have an active account with us in at least one game.”

Why are these numbers so huge?

Bohn cited a mix of three possible reasons. “First is customer loyalty. We’ve worked hard to build a very loyal and sizable player base who followed us into the online world when we released AdventureQuest World,” said Bohn. “Second is the combination of quality games and the fun factor. The third reason, which we think is unique in the world of MMORPGs – including browser-based MMORPGs – is our commitment to updating every one of our games every week., which is the hallmark of all Artix games. We’re proud of our consistent track record of listening to our players and responding quickly to their input.”

AdventureQuest Worlds provides players with exciting adventures battling armies of monsters in real-time combat and enjoying new weekly quests alongside thousands of other real players. Players can customize their characters with armors, capes, helms, and custom-crafted weapons from the Blacksmith’s Shop at any level. Players have the freedom to change among different character classes at any time, and can level-up all of the classes to the max to unlock new skills and specialty shops along the way.

Players can visit to sign up for an account and play online for free. No downloads required. Other Artix RPG titles include MechQuest at, DragonFable at, and AdventureQuest at

About Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment LLC, is a privately held, game development and publishing studio that specializes in creating online, browser-based, anime-style, role-playing Flash games with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix has developed a range of games with storylines that are based in the fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure genre. Content within the games is updated on a weekly basis creating a compelling experience which keeps users coming back frequently for new content and story lines. Artix core offerings are three online RPG games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, and one MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds. Players can visit for more information.

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